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Our Alumni Make Us Proud


When you join Woodstock as a student or a staff member, you are joining a worldwide community.


Woodstock’s 5,000+ alumni include graduates as far back as the classes of ’36 and ’37, and members of our community can be found in eighty countries, on every continent except Antarctica (we’re working on that one!). Our alumni make us proud. They are a living testimony to the life-changing Woodstock experience. They excel in many fields of endeavour. They support the school financially. They welcome Woodstock graduates moving to colleges or jobs in new cities or countries. They share their stories and their expertise with new generations of Woodstock students treading in their footsteps.


Please contact our Alumni Office with any questions
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Distinguished Alumni


  • 2014 James Taylor

    2014 James Taylor '51

    Jim Taylor has made significant contributions to realising Woodstock’s ideal of education for a world of difference. As a recognised and accomplished journalist, creative writer and teacher, Jim strives to demonstrate how a vision of sustainable growth with peace can unite people around the globe.

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  • 2014 Rahulbhai N. Amin

    2014 Rahulbhai N. Amin '71

    Rahul Amin is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Jyoti group of firms. In 1997 Rahul became Managing Director of Jyoti Ltd, a company that makes pumps, motors, generators and more for India’s water and power sectors. He holds an M.S. from the University of Baroda and a Master of Engineering from Cornell University in the USA.

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  • 2014 Jeet Singh

    2014 Jeet Singh '81

    After co-founding one of the first computer software design companies in e-commerce, Art Technology Group (ATG), Jeet sold his interest in 2003 and shifted his attention to other pursuits, including setting up the Winterline Foundation as a major arm for his philanthropy.

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  • 2013 Dr Shobha Arole ’78

    2013 Dr Shobha Arole ’78

    Shobha Arole has been honoured for her outstanding contribution to serving people in extreme poverty and improving rural healthcare in Maharashtra, India.

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  • 2012 Philip DeVol ’66

    2012 Philip DeVol ’66

    Philip DeVol graduated from Woodstock School in 1966, and has been training and consulting on poverty issues since 1997.

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  • 2012 Jagdish Sagar ’61

    2012 Jagdish Sagar ’61

    Jagdish Sagar has served in many prominent positions in the Indian Civil Service, dealing with, among other things, law and order, tax administration, personnel, and development and planning, including responsibility for the power sector.

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  • 2011 Dr James Gabriel Campbell ’65

    2011 Dr James Gabriel Campbell ’65

    Gabriel Campbell has spent almost his whole life in the Himalaya. Born at Landour Community Hospital, Mussoorie, he followed his father, uncle and aunts in attending Woodstock School from Upper Kindergarten to graduation (with a couple of years in the US).

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  • 2011 Tom Alter ’68

    2011 Tom Alter ’68

    Tom Alter has been a well-known face to Indian movie-goers for more than three decades. In addition to acting in Hindi films, Tom has exhibited talent in theatre, in sports and in literature.

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  • 2010 Ashoke Chatterjee ’51

    2010 Ashoke Chatterjee ’51

    Ashoke Chatterjee’s distinguished career as a public servant and professional communicator has sat comfortably with his widely recognised voluntary philanthropic contributions.

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  • 2010 Margaret Loehlin Schafer ’56

    2010 Margaret Loehlin Schafer ’56

    Margaret Loehlin Schafer is an outstanding example of Woodstock’s Distinguished Alumni. Margaret attended Woodstock School as the daughter of missionaries serving the Presbyterian Church in the Punjab.

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  • 2008 Dr Bob Fleming Jr ’54

    2008 Dr Bob Fleming Jr ’54

    Bob Fleming Jr is recognised in his field as a pre-eminent Himalayan naturalist and natural history educator. His lifetime has been spent studying, understanding and spreading an appreciation for nature. His deep love for the natural world is rooted in his upbringing in Nepal and India.

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  • 2008 Chris Anderson ’74

    2008 Chris Anderson ’74

    Chris Anderson was born in Pakistan in 1957. His parents were medical missionaries and he spent most of his childhood in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. He attended Woodstock until eighth grade and went on to public school in England.

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  • 2007 Bhavenesh Kumari Patiala ’50

    2007 Bhavenesh Kumari Patiala ’50

    Bhavenesh Kumari Patiala has had a ground-breaking career as a woman lawyer in India. A member of the royal family of Patiala, she excelled in a career that was closed to women and to those of her lineage.

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  • 2007 TZ Chu ’52

    2007 TZ Chu ’52

    TZ Chu has been recognised for his pioneering work in analytical instrumentation, his facility as an early practitioner of global business strategy for smaller companies, his leadership in promoting diversity in management as a role model, and as an industry leader.

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  • 2007 Dr Dorothy Irene Riddle ’60

    2007 Dr Dorothy Irene Riddle ’60

    Dorothy Riddle was born in the United States. She accompanied her parents to China after World War II, learned Chinese, and was ready to start school when the Communist takeover of the country forced the departure of all foreigners.

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  • 2007 Dr Robert E. Scott ’62

    2007 Dr Robert E. Scott ’62

    Robert Scott is a nationally renowned teacher and scholar in the fields of contracts, commercial law, and bankruptcy. He has co-authored five books on contracts and commercial transactions and is the author of more than three dozen scholarly articles.

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  • 2006 Dr Jonathan Mark Kenoyer ’70

    2006 Dr Jonathan Mark Kenoyer ’70

    Mark Kenoyer has been elected to the Woodstock School Distinguished Alumni Roll for his pioneering work on the anthropology of the Indus Valley, which has completely revised previously accepted theories of the beginning of civilisation in the Indian Peninsula.

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  • 2006 Dr Ashok Frank Mayadas ’57

    2006 Dr Ashok Frank Mayadas ’57

    Frank Mayadas has been elected to the Woodstock School Distinguished Alumni Roll for his extraordinary leadership in the business sector and for his widely recognised work as Program Officer at the Sloan Foundation.

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  • 2005 Dr Marty Alter Chen ’60

    2005 Dr Marty Alter Chen ’60

    Marty Alter Chen has been recognised for her work with poor rural women in South Asia, especially for her efforts in illuminating the plight of widows through books such as Perpetual Mourning: Widowhood in Rural India.

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  • 2004 Brigadier Hukam Singh Yadav ’38

    2004 Brigadier Hukam Singh Yadav ’38

    Hukam Singh Yadav has devoted his life to service in the Indian Army. Born in Agra in 1921, he came to Woodstock in 1935. At the age of 18, he took the Federal Public Service Commission Examination and was one of fifteen cadets admitted into the Indian Military Academy.

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  • 2005 Dr Richard Brown ’58

    2005 Dr Richard Brown ’58

    Dick Brown has been recognised for his lifelong commitment to advancing political and economic development around the world. He graduated from Woodstock School in 1958 and received his BA in Political Science from Muskingum College, Ohio.

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  • 2005 Gerry Williams ’42

    2005 Gerry Williams ’42

    Gerry Williams has been recognised for excellence in his field, his original research on ceramic techniques called wet fire and photo resist, and his contributions to the art of wheel-thrown and slab-built pottery both nationally and internationally.

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  • 2004 Nayantara Pandit Sahgal ’43

    2004 Nayantara Pandit Sahgal ’43

    Nayantara Sahgal has been elected to the Distinguished Alumni Roll in recognition of her lifetime achievement as a writer of elegantly crafted works of both fiction and non-fiction.

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  • 2004 Dr Frederick S. Downs ’49

    2004 Dr Frederick S. Downs ’49

    Fred Downs has spent his life in service to the Church and to theological education in India. He was born of missionary parents at Tura, Meghalaya, in 1932. A member of the Class of 1949, he attended Woodstock from 1946 to 1948.

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  • 2003 Rev Robert C.

    2003 Rev Robert C. 'Bob' Alter ’43

    Throughout his life, and through half of Woodstock’s first 150 years, Bob Alter maintained a unique relationship with both Woodstock School and the people of the Garhwal.

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  • 2003 Dr Robert B. Griffiths ’52

    2003 Dr Robert B. Griffiths ’52

    Throughout his career, Robert Griffiths has dedicated himself to forming a lasting link between theory and reality. Born in Etah, Uttar Pradesh, in 1937 to Presbyterian missionaries, he attended Woodstock from fourth standard to tenth.

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  • 2003 Dr Carl E. Taylor ’32

    2003 Dr Carl E. Taylor ’32

    Carl Taylor dedicated his life’s work to advancing the healthcare of people throughout the world, building on the principle of health equity. Born in the Indian Himalaya as the son of medical missionaries, he attended Woodstock throughout his adolescence.

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  • 2016 Frederick S Downs, Jr, (Rick)

    2016 Frederick S Downs, Jr, (Rick) '79

    After studing law at the University of Virginia Rick took a job at an international law firm in New York City where he practiced Corporate Law for six years. In 1992, Rick left the practice of law to start an investment firm with which he is still involved today.

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