Woodstock | Early and Middle Years
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Early and Middle Years

Welcome From The Head of Early And people_andycriderMiddle Years, Andrew Crider


Andy Crider first came to Woodstock with his parents in 1979 and graduated from the school in 1993. He has a Bachelor’s degree in History, along with Certification in Education (Social Studies), from Messiah College in Pennsylvania, USA.


Middle Years


The Middle Years Programme has about 120 students in Grades 5-8.


During these years, students move from the multidisciplinary classrooms of the Early Years and begin to focus on individual subjects taught by specialist teachers.


We believe that unless the programme in the Middle Years adequately addresses all facets of student growth, students cannot successfully mature into lifelong learners. Students study a rich curriculum including English, Health, Mathematics, Hindi, Physical Education, Music, Religious Education, Sciences, Social Studies and Visual Arts.


We acknowledge, too, the critical nature of the Middle Years in developing personal identity. Therefore, our Middle Years educators demonstrate a deep commitment to the social and emotional well-being of the young people in their care. Students benefit from a Middle Years Co-ordinator, who takes the lead in pastoral care, monitoring individual progress and supporting student development. The Co-ordinator is supported by a group of Advisors – faculty members responsible for groups of eight to twelve students. Apart from regular weekly meetings, Advisor Groups get together socially once or twice a semester in order to help foster positive relationships between students and staff.

Early Years


The Early Years Programme is comprised of three combined classes: Preschool and Kindergarten, Grades 1 and 2, and Grades 3 and 4.


The programme is designed around Woodstock’s belief that education is a means to elicit the greatness innate within each student. As such, the EYP is committed to establishing a foundation that promotes Woodstock’s desired learning outcomes for students in Grades ECP (Early Childhood Programme) through 4. This is accomplished through a social curriculum that is practised and reinforced at every grade level, and an interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum that is connected to the local environment. In addition, as part of the school day, students are provided with enrichment opportunities that allow for the pursuit of additional interests related to sports or clubs.