Woodstock | The Road Home- What Does it Mean to be a Third Culture Kid?
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The Road Home- What Does it Mean to be a Third Culture Kid?

27 Sep The Road Home- What Does it Mean to be a Third Culture Kid?

The Road Home is an academy nominated short film by alumnus Rahul Gandotra ’94’ which tackles the question: “Where are you from?” After being entered in various film festivals, it is now available to watch online for free.

The Road Home

The Road Home

“Where are you from?”

As a school and community that seeks and values diversity, this film is incredibly poignant.

Woodstock’s 2020 Vision which is a strategic plan for the school clearly outlines why we feel that diversity is important.

“We want to move towards a goal of what 2020 Vision describes as ‘a microcosm of the world’.  It is rooted in Woodstock’s tradition and values, that the best global education takes place in a global community. The school’s statement of educational philosophy, Eliciting Greatness, contains this section which explains our beliefs in this area.

‘Education should maximize the potential for learning held by a diverse school community.

 “Through others, we become ourselves.” L. S. Vygotsky

‘Albert Einstein once observed that “the problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.” There is something uniquely valuable about a diverse school community- and especially a residential one in which students live and work together in a close community around the clock.'” – Pete Wildman, Community Relations Director of Woodstock School.

It is emphasised even further for us, as this movie is filmed entirely in and around Woodstock School.

What other alumni say about  the film

“This short film is extremely well done, as well as thought provoking. It was filmed entirely at and near Woodstock School in Mussoorie, India. That’s where I attempted to grow up between 1958 and 1968. The film maker, Rahul Gandotra, was a student at Woodstock while Lynn and I were on staff there in the 1980’s.” -Paul Hamilton ’69 and Staff in the 80’s

“It has taken many years to process my experiences there but, in the end, those experiences have given me a broader insight into the diversity of human in the world and into our commonalities.

“All of which is an introduction to letting you know about a short film set at Woodstock School. It’s called “The Road Home,” and is directed by Rahul Gandotra, who attended Woodstock School for eight years, though well after I was there.

“I invite you to explore the film’s website and get a copy of this relatively short film (under 25 minutes). It’s charming and raises universal questions about how we live with one another and what our obligations are to one another, whether we’re of different races or different religions. If you want to get e-mailed a free sampler of the movie, click here. – Bill Tammeus ’63

Please check out this resource section on Rahul’s website for carefully selected resources for international families, educators, counselors, and other professionals working in third culture and cross cultural settings.


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