Woodstock | A Happy Thanksgiving at Woodstock School
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A Happy Thanksgiving at Woodstock School

29 Nov A Happy Thanksgiving at Woodstock School

On Thursday, 28th November a special lunch was served in the Quad Dining Room for students, staff members and their non-working spouses and parents who were in Mussoorie that day to celebrate American Thanksgiving.

A Taste of Home

For some people in attendance it was the first time they’d celebrated with a traditional meal in 8 years!

The Festive Meal

Sharing With Others

As a token of being thankful for our privileged lives, the community was encouraged to bring an offering of fruit, vegetables, and/or other groceries to the Quad Student’s Dining Room.  These items were then shared with families who live in the slums of Mussoorie near Kincraig.

Thank you very much for your donations of food items yesterday.  The families who live in the slums below the Bus Stand at Library were very happy to receive all the treats.

A Happy Thanksgiving


A special thanks to members of the Festivals Committee and to Prasiddhi, Akshaya, Satvika and Sooyeon, CARE representatives from Grades 7 and 8, who helped in the distribution of the food items.

It was lovely to see everyone celebrating together, learning about a cultural holiday of gratitude and practicallly giving back to those whom with share this lovely hillside.


Kind Regards,

Ms. Sanjaya Sarah Mark

Head of Junior School


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