Woodstock | A Turn At Turner Garden
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A Turn At Turner Garden

14 Mar A Turn At Turner Garden

By Laura – Student

Poly house at Turner Garden

This semester, I have signed up for the Turner Garden CARE program, and it is by far my favorite PASSAGE activity I ’ve been a part of at Woodstock.

For the past three weeks, our group has been helping around the garden; repairing various greenhouses, and planting carrots, potatoes, and cabbage plants. It feels good after a rigorous day at school to take off my shoes and sink my feet into the warm soil. In addition, there are adorable farm puppies that greet our group when we arrive, which adds a bit of sunshine to everyone’s day. This is for sure, there is nothing better than cute puppies greeting you after a long day at school.

My first day at Turner Garden went something like this: once the puppy craze among the students died down, our group leaders, Mr. Titu, Mrs. Hana, and Mrs. Eloise lead us over to the bare patches of Earth where we were shown how to plant our seeds by the two garden employees, Lakshmi and Urmila. The two ladies didn’t know any English, but they showed us how to plant with gestures, smiles and occasional giggles when we clumsily tried to use the picks for the first time. Over the course of a couple weeks, our group got more accustomed to the feel of the pick and the texture of the soil; our seed lines are now less messy, and our work more efficient.

 Turner Garden ladies
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