Woodstock | Activity Week 2013: Goa and the Arabian Sea
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Activity Week 2013: Goa and the Arabian Sea

01 Nov Activity Week 2013: Goa and the Arabian Sea

Supriti, Grade 12 Intern

Goa. A holiday destination for many people around the world, for me it was the destination for my Activity Week. Activity Week is a school trip in which, in Woodstock, you are supposed to go for either a self-propelled or service activity. The school wants us to get some outside learning. For the rest of the school, the trips are planned for by the teachers but as a senior we had the chance to plan our own trip. My group planned a trip to Goa where we would help Coastal Impact with their cause regarding water pollution and they would take us snorkeling in the Arabian Sea.

A 48 Hour Journey

After a journey of about 48 hours, I was relieved to step foot in the train station in Goa. The moment I stepped out, I was washed the South Indian humidity and sun. I dragged my suitcase along with me as I made my way to the taxis that awaited us.

After another hour through Goa, we finally arrived in our hotel. I heard that beach was down the road so my friend and I dropped our bags and we ran. We ran hurriedly, desperate to see the beach where we would be spending the next week. It was beautiful, the sun just above the horizon shining down upon the water and warming up the sand.

Learning About Marine Life

The next few day we enjoyed our stay by indulging in the local seafood and the beach. We met up with Coastal impact and learned of the water pollution that was happening  in Goa and how it impacted the marine life. It was heartbreaking to hear of what throwing a plastic wrapper in the sea can do to the creatures that live in it.

I love the water – swimming, sea-walking, skin-diving, you name it. I was ecstatic when we planned on going snorkeling. When the day arrived I was still very excited. We went on a boat ride to a ship wreck and then to another part of a tiny island. We were briefed on the signals for different fish that could be found around the area. Then we began exploring. The best part was when one of the guards picked up a sea cucumber and placed it in my hands. It was such a delicate creature. When he had to take it back, it was stuck to my hands. It was so ticklish and sticky. I even tipped over backwards into the water. It was an amazing experience.

We helped Coastal Impact by making a presentation mimicking what they had told us, we tweaked it so that it was more interactive with the smaller kids we would show it to. We also went around picking up garbage around the beach, it was not a lot but anything was better than nothing.

The Best Activity Week Ever

It’s safe to say that it was the best Activity Week I have been on so far. My group and I never wanted to part since we enjoyed time together so much. I’m so thankful to Woodstock to make trips like these even possible. So many more trips went out on adventures like ours, it truly emphasizes outside learning through such programs.

 To learn more about Woodstock’s Outdoor Education programme click here.

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