Woodstock | Alumni Spotlight: Pernia Qureshi
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Alumni Spotlight: Pernia Qureshi

10 Jun Alumni Spotlight: Pernia Qureshi

From time to time, we will put the spotlight on one of our amazing alumni around the world. Today we feature Pernia Qureshi.

What is the craziest memory you have of your time here?
The best memories of my life are from my time at Woodstock. It would be hard to pin point one memory as the craziest but I loved our senior skip day. We played so many pranks on all the other girls and our dorm parents. We got into a lot of trouble but it was so much fun.

Who was your favorite teacher?
Ms Chander was and is my ultimate favourite person at Woodstock!

What do you miss the most?
I miss my group of friends and living with them the most.

What advice would you give to current students?
My advice to current students would be to appreciate where they are and the relationships they have with each other. Once you leave, no other experience compares to this.

How did Woodstock shape who you are?
Woodstock gave me the freedom to discover who I was and express myself. Whether it was being able to have my own personal style, dancing in school plays or being active in the school sports program, I was able to do so much more than study. It gave me a holistic childhood where I discovered my interests.

What would you say to a parent considering sending their child to Woodstock?
Woodstock allows children to grow up in the most beautiful environment in every way possible. Firstly the surrounding of a Himalayan hill station is ideal for being physical active, breathing fresh air and appreciating nature. The curriculum allows the students to get a well rounded education where music, sports and other out of class activities are given as much importance. The fact that there are children and staff of so many diverse nationalities makes it an ideal melting pot where cultures, customs and ideologies are exchanged. There is no better education than what the children learn from each other. Woodstock is a nurturing environment which has taught me to be independent, confident, compassionate and tolerant as a human being.

What are you up to now?
I currently live between Bombay and Delhi. I have founded and run my own e-commerce website at www.perniaspopupshop.com. I am also pursuing a career in Kuchipudi as a professional dancer under the discipleship of Raja Radha Reddy. Lastly, I am working on my first feature film as an actress. The film is called Jaanisaar, its being directed by Muzzafar Ali and is due to release later this year.



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