Woodstock | An All Fired Up Chem Class!
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An All Fired Up Chem Class!


10 Apr An All Fired Up Chem Class!

An experiment that’s about igniting minds.

Don’t quite bond with Chemistry? But then, if you have a teacher like Sonya Crider you, might find the drawing power of chemistry a little hard to resist. After answering some AP Chemistry free response styled questions, Sonya’s Grade 12 students get the privilege to conduct a pretty awesome demo with bubble-trapped-gas as a wrap up to a combustion review, while 10th and 11th graders in the class enjoy the spectacle.  Her class experiment is similar to one below (see link) except they used natural gas.  All safety precautions were in place and it was well-monitered and successfully executed as always.

“To hold and play with fire, has been a dream of my since a tiny boy.

To have the knowledge to control fire, is now the mark of my intelligence as a man.”-I-Hsin Yang, Grade 12



See more photos, courtesy Sonya Crider on flickr.


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