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02 Sep Monsoon in Black and White

A tinge of brown has now appeared on the fingertips of the ferns here on the hillside, signaling the beginning of the end of the rainy season. Before it leaves us until next year, Mathai (Grade 12) captured these magical monsoon moments at Woodstock. ...

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Sundew.Photo by Ian Fried

20 Aug An Evening With The Sundew

Ian Fried (UY Science teacher) takes his class outdoors where, perhaps, the combination of fresh air and  keen contemplation inspire some creative moments. Swati Sidhu, Outdoor environmental educator at Hanifl centre, who accompanies the class along with Titu, Virender (Guide), Hari and Lalitha,  relives the experience. A group of eighteen students from the  Environmental Science (Grade 11...

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11 Jun The Untold Story: Win Mumby 2015

All eyes were glued to Woodstock's girls’ team as they took the court for the 2015 Win Mumby All India Basketball Tournament. A team of young, confident and determined women, these girls were ready to dominate. They entered with three black stripes noticeable on their arms as they moved past the crowd....

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10 Jun Alumni Spotlight: Pernia Qureshi

From time to time, we will put the spotlight on one of our amazing alumni around the world. Today we feature Pernia Qureshi. What is the craziest memory you have of your time here? The best memories of my life are from my time at Woodstock. It would be hard to pin...

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29 May Teacher Spotlight: Adam Wunker

1.     Where are you from? I'm from Toronto, Canada 2.     What courses do you teach? I currently teach Grade 9 English and IGCSE World Literature (Grade 10), but next year I will be teaching a Media Studies course again.  3.     How many years have you been teaching? I have been teaching for five years. 4.     Can you tell us about an interaction...

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