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Author: Lalitha Krishnan

Dorothy MacDonald

03 Feb A Long Journey to Woodstock School By Lawrence MacDonald

Lawrence MacDonald visited Woodstock in August 2015. His mother, Dorothy Lockwood and his aunt, Anne Lockwood Romasco studied at Woodstock. When Lawrence arrived at the Alumni Office, he seemed perplexed, almost lost for words and rather emotional. Little did we know why. Talking to him made us realise the poignancy of his visit....

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Woodstock Jazz Band

03 Dec WS Jazz Band and A Capella Group Going to Rock Delhi

Our Woodstock Jazz band led by Peter Millican will be performing at the Jazz Utsav  and several other locations in New Delhi this coming 5th, 6th and 7th.  Our A capella group will also be accompanying them.  The Jazz Utsav (and our band)  has been getting multiple coverage in the media. Below are links to...

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26 Nov War and Woodstock. Peter Vodicka’s Story

Peter Vodicka '57 was born in Czechoslovakia, spent part of his childhood in Woodstock School, (India) and presently lives in Australia!  When Peter and his wife, Rachel, visited us earlier this month, he kindly agreed to an interview where he recounted the horrors of war, the security of Woodstock and life thereafter.  [caption id="attachment_20364" align="aligncenter" width="201"] Peter Vodicka...

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Raad Rahman via Guernica

23 Nov “Will I Die a Muslim?” -Raad Rahman, Class of 2002

Raad Rahman writes about the reality of being a Muslim post Paris attacks.  An absolutely must read. "But I am done apologizing for extremist obscenities, because these extremist acts are not occurring in my name, and I have absolutely nothing to do with them."-Raad Rahman Click her to read her article (via Guernicamag.com):  https://www.guernicamag.com/daily/raad-rahman-will-i-die-a-muslim/ Raad...

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20 Nov Activity Week Photo Competition 2015

Photo and sketch entries for the Activity Week Photo Competition were displayed again this year at the Media centre.  All were good. Some were just outstanding. They were either well composed, or represented the subject in good light, were techincally sound, just made you smile or all of the above. Rather than being judged...

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18 Nov The Creativity in Their Genes

Edward de Bono once said, "Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Sujata Archer, Science teacher seems to  have done just that when she assigned her Grade 10 Honors Biology students to make 3-D DNA models.  Some of these atypical submissions might just make you see...

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