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Author: Lalitha Krishnan

24 Jul A WS Alumnus and the Slow Food Community Connection

Bibhudutta Sahu'94  is the Project  Director of the North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society in Shillong. The Indigenous Terra Madre 2015 is scheduled to be held from the 3rd - 7th November this year. "The Mei-Ramew Festivals organised every year by the North East Slow Food & Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS) in Meghalaya around...

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08 Jun Nira (Mukerji) Benegal ’56 On Woodstock

Nira Mukerji Benegal '56 recently revisited the school with her daughter. We took this opportunity to reconnect with her. In this interview she reveals some little known and interesting facts about herself and Woodstock back then. [caption id="attachment_19086" align="aligncenter" width="238"] Nira Mukerji '56[/caption] Welcome, how does it feel to be back? I broke...

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05 Jun Concepts and Consciousness. More From The Festival Of Ideas

Don't miss out on 2 more incredible presentations made by Woodstock Students at the Festival of ideas. Great summer reading but if you prefer viewing instead, see the 'online' link below for the best of the best. Click here to read Manvi's paper:Perfect_Translation_A_Myth Click here for Grace's paper:One _Universe_The_United_Principle_of_Consciousness_in_Quantum_Physics_and_Religion   READ OUR PREVIOUS 3 POSTS ABOUT THE FESTIVAL OF...

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29 May Curiosity at Work: Science Fair ‘015

The Middle Years Science Fair headed by Darab Nagarwalla, Grade 8 Science teacher and Pam Wiggins, Grade 7 Science and Math teacher was held in early May.  Student groups worked on their projects for days before setting up over 30 booths at the annual fair.  In a healthy, competitive way students vied...

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22 May Student Papers. WS Symposium and Interdisciplinary Projects Part III

As promised we bring you student-works from the Festival of Ideas. Having submitted their projects, a selected body of students are now presenting concise versions of their work in 'TED' talk presentations till Tuesday. You can watch them speak online at: http://live.woodstock.ac.in or http://live.woodstockschool.in Or you could read their originally submitted papers...

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10th Graders

20 May Guns* and Roses at the Junior Senior Banquet

JSB is a rite of passage at Woodstock. 10th graders play the role of event managers every year and take turns being guests when they move on to the 11th and 12th Grade. They take immense pride in making the banquet an unforgettable evening. The theme this year was 'The...

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13 May What are 11th Graders Thinking Of These Days?

In the midst of exams and symposiums, the excitement of Junior Senior Banquet and the promise of the semester-ending, Jiyeon, Grade 11, braves irking 4 of her exasperated classmates. She asks them what their thoughts are about leaving school and joining college.   Are you nervous about leaving Woodstock? Sumi: No, not really, because Woodstock has taught me to be...

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Shikhar Grade 11

11 May Student Perspective. WS Symposium and Interdisciplinary Project. Part II

Last week we started covering the Festival of Ideas (Grade 11 and 12 projects) with a teacher's perspective. We now bring you two student perspectives. Shikhar, Grade 11 Shikhar, how does your class begin preparing for the project? We get to choose any topic we are passionate about and develop our skills to argue/debate about it. Once...

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