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Author: Lalitha Krishnan

26 Mar Cooking Up A Taste of Home In The Dorms

Jiyeon, Grade 11,  gives us a sneak peek into dorm life during weekends when the pantry kitchens of Midland transform into a melting pot of world cuisine. Armed with her camera, she weaves her way through exotic aromas and steaming pots to ask her dorm mates why cooking is the thing to do during free time. "I noticed that...

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24 Mar Suheil Tandon’06: Making Hope A Reality For The Tribal Children Of Odisha

Since 2010, Suheil, Founder and Director, Pro Sport Development has been running a sports initiative for tribal youth in rural Odisha (India), far from the comforts of his home in New Delhi. He works to  promote a sporting culture at the grass root level, provides sports coaching , training facilities and opportunities for motivated youth to excel through...

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WS Alumni

13 Mar Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Woodstock. Right Here.

Tashi Delek Bhutan! Mrs Sue Long,  Dr  Jonathan Long and Marcus Shaw visited Bhutan recently and returned enriched by the experience after meeting alumni and prospective parents. In an extensive, heart-heart interview with Dawai Kuldroen of Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Dr Long divulges everything you ever wanted to know about Woodstock. Listen to it here: http://bit.ly/DrLongBhutaninterview (viaBBC) "Woodstock is...

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13 Mar Our New Intern Focuses On The Colour Matrix At Hanson Field

His first assignment was to cover 'Holi' celebrations at Hanson field where some of our Woodstock staff  and students  gathered to play with 'gulal' or coloured powder, heralding the onset of spring and the mythological triumph of good over evil. At the risk of ruining his camera,  Mathai , set forth rather bravely and diligently delivering some vibrant results that you...

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06 Mar Big Brother Big Sister Day At Woodstock

"I still remember my big brother from when I was in the second grade!" -Shikhar, Grade 11. Such is the impact of what seems like just another entertaining event for WS students. Shikhar reminisces about the past while giving us a full-blown account of this year's BBBS. In Woodstock School, we get...

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Not Just a Piece of Cloth project-Woodstock school

04 Mar Give It A Cloth! Empowering Village Women.

Self-reliance is the only road to true freedom, and being one's own person is its ultimate reward. -Patricia Sampson   The Not Just a Piece of Cloth Project  was initiated to  make inexpensive and ecofriendly sanitary napkins easily available. The project itself is a worthy example of empowering local village women by giving them healthier and more...

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