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Author: Lalitha Krishnan

18 Oct Tehmi Kapadia ’29

One hundred and eleven days short of what would have been her 100th birthday, Tehmi Kapadia passed away peacefully at her home. Tehmi and her elder sister, Sally Grant '27 both attended Woodstock for two years. Monica Roberts and Pete Wildman travelled to Dehradun and filmed an interview with Tehmi...

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27 Sep Merryn Glover ’87

Alumna Merryn Glover '87 and her family visited old friends at Woodstock last week, and held workshops for staff and students on the art of short story writing. Merryn introduced her husband Alistair and her sons Sam and Luke to Woodstock, with her as part of a five-month family world...

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09 Jun Strategic Objectives

Mission Statement, Desired Student Objectives.. and then the most critical things we need to do over the next eight years to achieve those outcomes. Here are the seven Strategic Objectives we are working on.(Please note that the wording and conten...

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09 Jun Desired Student Outcomes

The next part of the plan we are working on involves reviewing the Desired Student Outcomes. We have had a fairly short list for the last few years, and it seemed clear that they were neither comprehensive enough to base our curriculum planning on...

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25 May Blue sky or continuity?

I???ve been reading the comments attached to the recent survey on the mission statement. Generally people liked what we did (as you will see from the analysis in the previous post), but the comments, both positive and negative, were very interesting...

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