Woodstock | Become a “soulmaker”
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Become a “soulmaker”

26 May Become a “soulmaker”

In his first video message since arriving as Principal, Dr Jonathan Long has urged the worldwide Woodstock community to join him in becoming “soulmakers”.

In the video, Dr Long acknowledges that Woodstock is a “remarkable place, situated here in the Himalayas in India, at a remarkable time of opportunity and challenge”. Dr Long speaks of the “wonderful purpose” of Woodstock, which goes far beyond pure academic achievement, but is found in the school’s “high passion” to “enable young people to find their potential and go out into the world with the qualities of character and values which will enable them to succeed”.

Dr Long, whose engaging storytelling style is becoming well-loved at Woodstock, uses the example of one of his heroes, concentration camp survivor Victor Frankl, as an illustration of how character can overcome adversity. In a similar way, he says the school’s role is to help children find the inner resources to overcome obstacles and difficulties they may experience in life, and describes this process as “soulmaking”.

The video concludes with an appeal for contributions to the school’s Fund for Excellence, which supports students, staff and employees.

It contributes to enriching student experiences, opportunities for professional development for staff, and scholarships for the children of employees.

Last year the fund helped finance students and staff running in the Delhi half marathon, financed the search for a new principal andimprovement of improved staff housing and employee toilets, and contributed towards student scholarships.

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