Woodstock | Bonding Like Molecules: Friendship Day at Woodstock
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Bonding Like Molecules: Friendship Day at Woodstock

Friendshipdayat Woodstock

27 Aug Bonding Like Molecules: Friendship Day at Woodstock

Shikhar, a Senior, lets his hair down on Friendship day and takes us through some transformations at school.

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Last Wednesday, the seniors and freshmen enjoyed Friendship day. Friendship day at Woodstock isn’t like your average Friendship day. Here seniors pair up with freshmen and dress up in pairs/group get-ups.

Nobody quite knows when this tradition began, but we do know that it’s been going on for a pretty long time. It’s quite amusing to see people wearing strange costumes. A favourite choice is dressing up like band-members (mostly ‘Kiss’ or ‘The Beatles’), or movie characters (my personal favorite this year was Indiana Jones). Seniors, and their freshmen buddies come up with the most creative costumes. This year, we had folks dressed up as football players, anime and cartoon characters, and some famous movie characters among other things. I remember when I was a freshman; I dressed up as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. This year however, I dressed up as a water molecule; a friend and I were Hydrogen molecules and our freshman was an Oxygen molecule. We “bonded!”.


Another tradition of Friendship day at Woodstock is seniors giving dares to freshmen. These can be anything from standing on a table and doing a little dance to telling another student that they look nice. Seniors get their laughs from daring the freshmen, while the freshman that does the most dares gets a prize at the end of the day for being a good sport. This happens throughout the day in the quad and lightens up everyone’s mood.

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In my opinion, ‘Friendship day’ is fun because we get to dress up when we go to school, but this day is also a time for making new friends. For us seniors, this is the last year that we will be spending at Woodstock; so I think it’s great to get to know the students who will take on responsibility and will take care of the school when we are gone. It is also nice to know that our freshmen buddies will still remember us when we graduate, and we will always be welcomed by them if we come back to visit.
-Shikhar, Grade 12


Photos:Mayuri, Grade 12

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