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Outdoor Learning

07 Apr In Full Bloom At Hanifl Centre

Rhododendron arboreum The sporadic flashes of red on the Woodstock hillside are easily recognisable as Rhododendron. In Hindi, the flower is known as burunash ka phul (बुरुंश का फूल). Following this morning's rain, one can't help but notice the ground beneath a Rhododendron carpeted with fallen blooms. Locals make a refreshing summer drink with...

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14 Mar A Turn At Turner Garden

By Laura - Student This semester, I have signed up for the Turner Garden CARE program, and it is by far my favorite PASSAGE activity I ’ve been a part of at Woodstock. For the past three weeks, our group has been helping around the garden; repairing various greenhouses, and planting carrots, potatoes, and...

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