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Outdoor Learning

06 Mar Trek Leaders Depart: But What Do They Take Back?

By Andrew Hepworth , Head of Outdoor Education [caption id="attachment_6943" align="aligncenter" width="760"] Photo by 'Bex'[/caption] As the third annual Trek Leader Course comes to an end and the students begin their travel back home to remote rural areas of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, we begin to reflect on the impression that the...

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03 Mar A PASSAGE Into The Mountains

By Zachary Conrad, Teacher [caption id="attachment_6896" align="aligncenter" width="1360"] Photo by Zachary Conrad[/caption] There is a small, nag temple just outside the campsite at Deosari. It sits in a forest of Deodar trees, thick and green, with trunks like pillars for the sky. We found all this out later, though. We got there...

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19 Feb 14-Day Trek Leaders’ Course For Local Youth, Back On Track At Hanifl

[caption id="attachment_19137" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Trek Leader's Course[/caption] Hanifl Centre Is Proud To Announce Its Third Trek Leader Course.  Once again, the course has attracted young, potential trek leaders - 17 participants (2 women and 15 men)  from remote areas of Uttarakhand, Spiti (Himachal), Mumbai (Maharashtra) and even Nepal. The course is subsidized by Hanifl Centre and...

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20 Dec Hanifl Centre Bids University Of Pittsburgh Students Goodbye After Their Fall Semester

  [gallery ids="6411,6400,6402,6404,6403,6405,6399,6409,6410,6406,6407,6408"] After a successful semester that had rigorous classroom curriculum and many field trips, students of 'Pitt in the Himalayas' semester graduate with flying colours. Local children gave a Garhwali dance performance which was followed by a graduation dinner for all. K Krishnan Kutty, Director, says that this has been a landmark...

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09 Dec The Connection Between Pollinating Bees And The Colour Of Flowers And…

...Climate change. Not far, as the crow flies from Hanifl Centre, ( Woodstock School ) are  a team of biologists who have studied several bee species at high altitude and are addressing how these pollinators have shaped flower evolution accounting for distinctive bee-friendly colours. "While ‘bee colours’ were prevalent at all elevations, flower colours in high altitude zones were...

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