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Student Views

14 Mar A Turn At Turner Garden

By Laura - Student This semester, I have signed up for the Turner Garden CARE program, and it is by far my favorite PASSAGE activity I ’ve been a part of at Woodstock. For the past three weeks, our group has been helping around the garden; repairing various greenhouses, and planting carrots, potatoes, and...

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13 Mar Disaster Around The Corner

By Pranit - Student Bicycling had been almost a daily activity for me between the age of six and twelve. My bicycle and I shared a deep bond deeper than that of the strongest love. I went as far as the eye could see with my loyal companion. This sufficiently explains why I was...

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10 Mar Why I Joined WS T.R.I.B.E (Traditions, Ideas And Beliefs Explored)

[caption id="attachment_7036" align="aligncenter" width="933"] Photo by Anjuri[/caption] By Tseki  - Student The world is a chasm. A chasm or emptiness stretching far and wide as more and more people lose their ability to have peaceful discussions leading to understanding. Discussions where no offence is taken to what others believe. Discussions where people...

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10 Sep Experiencing Woodstock

Hello, You know that feeling when you spontaneously want to try something new in life? One minute you’re sitting there doing your homework and the next – you just jump out of your seat and declare that you need an adventure. This adventure could be anything - from a change in habit...

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