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Chai is Love, Chai is Life

30 Apr Chai is Love, Chai is Life

It was quite chilly yesterday night, but that did not stop the ‘Chai Gang’ from holding their daily meeting. Chai Gang is an organization consisting of Woodstock senior boys  who think and plan out ways to make the school better. Now, most of the readers will think, ‘Senior boys meeting at night to talk about school stuff?’ Yes, I was just joking. The Chai Gang is a place where the senior boys can chill, relax, talk, and of course, drink chai.

The official ‘chai-walla’ of the gang, Rahul, says, “Everyone is welcome to the gang. This group is not like those groups who try to discriminate and exclude others just to feel superior. See, even though there are only five of us we made chai for at least 15 people. If anyone just wants to join us outside or simply wants some chai, there are always extras.”

Only six boys gathered around tonight due to loads of homework and test preparation. The boys started talking about various topics such as football, girls, school life, and complaints about the school. “There is something special about it”, responds Angad, member of the Chai Gang, when  asked about his feeling towards tonight’s chai, “It is way better than usual. Maybe there is more love in it.”

“It is just nice. Not only the chai, but the atmosphere – the chilled music, the amazing night view of Dehradun… All of these are available just at the back of Community Center (CC). The memories made here will be cherished forever.” says Kabeer.

Chai is the national drink of India. However, chai is more than just a mere drink here at CC. It is something that connects the boys here. Maybe after 10, 20, or even 30 years, we will remember the moments of our life we enjoyed here at Woodstock International School. As Priam, the official DJ of the Chai Gang, says, ‘Chai is love, Chai is life’.

-JuHeon, Grade 12


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