COVID-19 Updates
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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Status and Precautions


Woodstock School will reopen its campus to students of some grades from March 2021.


Since March 2020, the Woodstock School campus has been closed to students, in line with Government protocols. Woodstock has continued to provide the best possible educational experience under the circumstances via distance learning. From March 2021, we are starting to reopen campus to students, starting with Grade 12 students on 4 March, followed by Grade 10 on 12 March. We are working on plans to invite other grades to return when it is safe and responsible to do so.


You can find out more about the returning to campus protocols and procedures below.



We continue to be guided by our commitment to the health of our school community, our responsibility as part of the wider Mussoorie community, and most importantly, by our duty of care to our students. Our COVID-19 Task Force will continue meet regularly to provide updates to our risk assessment, and monitor the situation locally and internationally. We are in communication with the Medical Authorities in India for both advice and reporting, and are following advice from sources including WHOCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Boarding School Association (BSA). We are also working with health and safety specialists, Momentum India, other schools locally and world-wide, and medical professionals, to ensure our protocols are in line with best practice.


Woodstock School wants to thank all the parties we have collaborated with in our efforts to mitigate against the risk of Covid-19, recognise the immense efforts of our staff in providing a safe and responsible environment for students to start to return to campus, and particularly thank our students and parents for their support during this time of pandemic, which has been instrumental in making the last year of distance learning such a success.

COVID-19 Updates

Correspondence to Woodstock parents about COVID-19 can be found here.

Advice for visitors to Woodstock


Due to the pandemic situation and Covid-19 protocols, only essential visitors can be allowed onto campus, and there are strict protocols in place for invited guests. No one will be allowed onto campus without a prior appointment and adhering to protocols, so please ensure you contact the relevant department to check if you visit can be facilitated and to arrange the next steps.


If the visit you are planning is further in advance, for instance later this year or next, please contact the appropriate department.


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