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Disaster Around The Corner

13 Mar Disaster Around The Corner

By Pranit – Student


Bicycling had been almost a daily activity for me between the age of six and twelve.

My bicycle and I shared a deep bond deeper than that of the strongest love. I went as far as the eye could see with my loyal companion. This sufficiently explains why I was left devastated when the love of my life was stolen from me when I joined Woodstock four years ago.

During activity week, last year, juniors from Woodstock School visited Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. Even though there were speculations that seeing wild tigers in the national park would be the highlight of the trip, we were only fortunate enough to gaze upon a “wild chicken”. In fact, my greatest adventure came from where I least expected it to.

On a warm afternoon on the last day of our stay at Corbett National Park, I finally decided to ride one of the bikes that had been enticing me for the last few days. So, I took a round of the premises. As I explored the nearby village I realized this was my first bike ride in the last four years and I was loving it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much, I decided to go for another round. Before going for my second round, I decided to switch my bicycle. This is when disaster struck.

Riding down the roads of the nearby village, I was feeling fairly confident in my ability to proficiently ride a bicycle. In fact, I was feeling so confident, I was riding at full speed. I soon reached a point along the path that was getting increasingly steep. However, as my inner devil was fully unleashed; I did not hesitate to go at full speed. After a few seconds at full speed on this increasingly steep path, I realized that my chances of survival would be slim unless I significantly reduced my velocity.

So, that is what I “attempted” to do. I hit my brakes! To my surprise, they were not working.

However, I longed to see another day. So using my experience in the field of bicycling, I attempted to manipulate my body weight to slow me down. I was once more “pleasantly” surprised as the seat of my bike decided that this would be a perfect time to completely fall off and hit the ground. So now, I was riding my bike, completely standing. This went on for a few seconds.

Then I had the “brilliant” idea of sitting down on the pole that remained instead of a seat.

I felt intensive pain as the pole penetrated my rear. At this point, I completely lost all balance and I believed it was my time to ascend to the kingdom of God. I then slammed the ground and completely destroyed my right arm and leg which was followed the bicycle falling on me.

I was lucky that I did not fall in the flowing stream that was 2 feet away from the bridge that I fell on. It is hard to imagine a happy ending if that would have happened. I was lucky to have survived, and while people think of long term survival, they should not forget that disaster might just be around the corner in the form of an accident.



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