Woodstock | Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Woodstock. Right Here.
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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Woodstock. Right Here.

WS Alumni

13 Mar Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Woodstock. Right Here.

Tashi Delek Bhutan!

Mrs Sue Long,  Dr  Jonathan Long and Marcus Shaw visited Bhutan recently and returned enriched by the experience after meeting alumni and prospective parents. In an extensive, heart-heart interview with Dawai Kuldroen of Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Dr Long divulges everything you ever wanted to know about Woodstock.

Listen to it here: http://bit.ly/DrLongBhutaninterview (viaBBC)

“Woodstock is proud of our 30-year relationship with Bhutan and of the Bhutanese students who have enriched this 160-year old institution.  Here on this beautiful campus in Northern India, young people from around the world have the chance to become the global citizens of the 21st century – but they also learn to appreciate, with pride, the roots and relevance of their own culture. In the friendships and opportunities of a Woodstock education, young people discover the personal qualities which will last them a lifetime long.   As Asia’s oldest international school we value the strength and depth of these transforming relationships.

It was a pleasure, too, to meet young people keen to become part of this remarkable international community – young people ready to take on the challenges that Woodstock offers and to unleash their potential in our vibrant community!

We are already thinking of our next visit to Bhutan!  We’d love to find ways to develop stronger links and an even more meaningful Bhutanese presence on our campus.  Ideas abound – including a possible visit to Bhutan with our jazz band next year!

Thank you for the warmth of your welcome, for your kindness, hospitality and friendship.

 Best wishes,

“Bhutan is an amazing place!”

-Dr Long, Principal Woodstock School.

Bhutanese boys at Woodstock

“Bhutan is rich in culture, beauty and tradition. Our alumni and parents are so incredibly welcoming! The flight into Paro is quite an exhilarating one. The runway is actually shorter in feet than the city is high in altitude! Apparently only 8 pilots are qualified to land at this airport. It is a stunningly beautiful environment. The alumni and parents in Bhutan were so gracious to us. As is typical of the Bhutanese culture, they made us feel so special. We currently have 16 Bhutanese students at Woodstock, and I’d love to see us attract more kids that bring Bhutanese culture, perspective and tradition into our own community.”  

-Marcu Shaw, Director, CRO Office.

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