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Experiencing Woodstock

10 Sep Experiencing Woodstock


You know that feeling when you spontaneously want to try something new in life? One minute you’re sitting there doing your homework and the next – you just jump out of your seat and declare that you need an adventure.

This adventure could be anything – from a change in habit to a change in surroundings. I have those moments quite often. One time I decided to go rafting during the winter – it was freezing cold. All for a moment of spontaneity.

Some of these choices actually lead you to something better

I was recently talking to my friends about how sad it would be to leave Woodstock School when we graduate. We talked about how we would miss the little things that made up Woodstock and most of all – each other. Some how we ended up talking about life-changing experiences. The one we all had in common was Woodstock. It has changed all of our lives.

Woodstock School

Woodstock School

But you ask: How did you end up at Woodstock School in INDIA?

The culture. It is so diverse and it is such a refreshment when you arrive in this country. It is so different from any other country that you feel like you have stepped onto another planet.

People all over the world have this preconceived notion that they get from either the television or stories of stories they have heard. The thing is that you cannot judge anything from what you have heard – you have to come to see and experience firsthand in order truly know what is made up to.

If you ask me another reason, I would have to say that India has the best food. Whether it’s mouthwatering dosas from the South or the delicious butter chicken from the North, they both satisfy me to the end. The food is to die for! That’s a great added plus.

But why the Himalayas?

Because it’s beautiful. You step into Delhi you and you find a typical city – with millions of houses, buildings, cars, and people. Then you travel to Dehradun – here you see a growing city with complete disorder. Finally, you make it to Mussoorie – it’s different from anything you have seen before.

Mussoorie is in no way a city with crowded people. That’s what I’ve always loved about it. You can find everything you need. The serenity of the place calms me. There is no rush or some sort of urgency – it’s refreshing.

Finally, why Woodstock?

That’s an easy one. There are so many things to say – too many reasons why I love it. Maybe the endless list of languages you can learn from your friends. Maybe it’s the fact that I live with my friends and just enjoy my life. Maybe it’s because I love knowing and greeting everybody around school. And the list goes on.

There is only one place in the world where you can get the experience that is Woodstock School.

You have these opportunities right in front of you: all you have to do it take one step and grab it.

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