Woodstock | Going Back to Our Roots
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Going Back to Our Roots

25 Oct Going Back to Our Roots

Woodstock’s partnership with the Institute of Education at the University of London sees us return to our founding vision as a school HistorialPicand teaching training college.  More importantly, this initiative creates a significant link with one of the world’s leading educational institutes – enabling us to offer Master’s degrees in advanced educational practice as well as an International Post-Graduate Certificate in Education.  This collaboration will enable Woodstock to recruit, develop and retain high calibre teachers.  We are excited by all that this venture promises – a venture made possible by generous funding from FWS and the Downs Master Teacher programme.  Few things are more important in a school than the quality of staff and the relationships they cultivate with young people.  Dr Jonathan Long describes Woodstock returning to its roots as a Teacher Training College: “I believe we will look back upon this as one of the most formative and inspiring opportunities which Woodstock has seized in recent years!”

We thought you would like to see how it all began with this quote from the book Woodstock Celebrates 150 years 1854-2004:

“As part of its increasing emphasis on higher academic standards, Woodstock began to offer a series of higher degrees and became known not only as a school, but also as “the college”. A First Arts (FA) degree affiliated with Allahabad University was newly offered in 1901. The course was equivalent to the first two years of college and it began at Woodstock with only four students. A Teacher Training College programme established in 1907, accredited by the Uttar Pradesh education department, was limited to eight students. This programme eventually expanded to include a Teacher’s training certificate for kindergarten – a curriculum which continued strongly at Woodstock for some time.”


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