Woodstock | Holi: The Festival of Colours
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Holi: The Festival of Colours

18 Mar Holi: The Festival of Colours

Photo By YeonSol

By Laura -Grade 11  Photos:courtesy YeonSol & Laura

I have always wanted to participate in Holi, even before I knew that living in India would be in my imminent future. Today, my wish was fulfilled when I put on the worst clothes I own, grabbed a handful of colored powder, and had a playful color/water fight with my friends.

Holi is a time when everyone takes to the streets and throws coloured powder and water at strangers and friends alike. For this day, castes are forgotten and rules of etiquette are thrown aside. Music blares, and anyone is fair game for the most epic colour fight. Holi is a celebration for the end of winter and the coming of spring. This year, Holi came at the perfect time when it’s finally beginning to warm up, and the harsh grip of winter is slowly loosening. For the first time in a long time, I was able to wear shorts and a t-shirt. Coming from a place that has no central heating, I’ve never been happier for the arrival of warm weather that spring promises.

The school provided most of the coloured powder, which was organic and washable. However, some kids had a mischievous side to them that day and brought more permanent ink which can stay on skin for up to a week. Another strange thing about the colors is that when they were all mixed, they didn’t turn brown, but a dark shade of pink. Needless to say, everyone’s faces will be a little pinker than usual for the next few days. Of course, some kids will be a little pinker than others; ranging from a strange, semi-noticable tan to oompa loompa status.

Photos by YeonSol

Photos by YeonSol

Afterwards, I took the longest shower I have ever taken to get rid of most of the permanent dye, which was smeared all over one side of my face. Luckily, I didn’t get a lot of it, so I was able to wash most of it off, it just looks like I got a really weird tan. In addition, I have less clothes to pack for the trip home now, as my now stained, crummy clothes won’t be taking the trek home with me. Overall, I loved my first experience of Holi.


Photo courtesy Laura

Photo courtesy Laura

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