Woodstock | “How Was Activity Week?” Students Respond. Sometimes in Haiku.
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“How Was Activity Week?” Students Respond. Sometimes in Haiku.

30 Oct “How Was Activity Week?” Students Respond. Sometimes in Haiku.

Kerry Hanifl asked her  Algebra 2 class a simple question to which as you can see she received multiple answers from her Grade 10 and 11s based on several variables – the places her students visited, their take on activities they participated in and probably the mood of the day to mention a few. 

– Activity week was about getting out of our comfort zones and doing things I never imagined I would do. I got to know more people and bond more. – Mansha
– The most interesting farm experience (mostly involving cow dung jobs) ever. Moments filled with good memories with good people. Was ill at one point, but I survived. Missing the good times already. – Aimedaphi

Farm visit

Farm visit

– AW gave me a whole new experience and a broader perspective on life in a village. Overall through the good and the bad, I think the experience was really worth it. – Sangru
– A vicariously crafted trip of fun and bonding where fouccinauccinihilipification was kept to a minimal. – Tanuj
– A time period of approximately 5 ½ days of organic farming, cow dung, chores, cold showers and non-mathematics work. Less fun and lots of chores. – Khea
– AW was great! The Bir Village trip was very active. The three of us came up with a campaign to clean up the village (roads and sewer system). It was a great experience, got our rewards! Ate a lot of cheesecakes! – Zaine K

Dharamshalla trip

Dharamshala trip

– For AW I went to Dharamshala. Although it was a long bus ride to get there (15 hours), it was completely worth it. We got to shake hands and take a picture with the HH Dalai Lama and meet a candidate running for Prime Minister of Tibet. We ate a lot of good food and overall had a really fun time. –Jago 
– AW was fun as we went hiking and saw snow. It was tiring too as we had to carry big and heavy bags. – Aanik
– AW was really fun. The hike was not as challenging as expected, but the views that we got were sensational. Our chaperones were awesome – we had a lot of fun together and bonded together. – Jay Y
– It was good. It was very good. – Atul
– It was a new experience. Overall a good one. Enjoyed the view from the summit. – Varun 
– My AW was pretty tiring. I experienced snow for the first time and it was very cold and all of us slept in this small hut. We were about 22 people and in the morning I found out there were about 3 mice sleeping with us. – Aarushi 
– It was wonderful except for the dogs. I had the most special birthday ever . – DoYoung 



– AW was a lot of fun! Especially hiking on the ice. I remember you had to save me and pick me like a billion times. Thanks for that Mrs. Hanifl. – Kavya
– Good – Egor
– Grrreat! – Tara 
– AWESOME!!!!!! It was  exhilarating and enlightening, but it was hard to poo. – Tenzin 
– Fabulous! We made our own song. – Nandini 
– AW most definitely lived up to its title. We almost died because of a snow storm but that didn’t stop us from having fun playing UNO. – Sophie
– It was very tiring and my hair was very oily, but it was fun because my group was coolio. – T. Dawg
– It was the bomb dot com. LD Changsheel, keeping it real. Tanya 
– AW was very educational. We travelled for 30 hours to get to Bihar. But when we reached there it was worth it. We got to help a lot of people and we learned a lot as well. We taught the school children numbers. – Yeshi
– AW was fun. I made more friends and saw many things like sunrise, sunset, mountain covered in snow and bonfire. Abhishek
– It was amazing – we had to climb steep slopes and travel loads of KM. It even snowed so we had to pack up in 30 mins and then lived in a small cottage with 30 people. The view was breath taking. You could see various snow covered peaks and we even visited the lake. – Udit 
– AW was Fantastic. One of the best weeks of my life. It was a lot of fun with the teachers and students. It was a great bonding trip for me because I’m a new student and was great for me. – Vrithik
– Okay, we cleaned the sewage and interacted with the Tibetan community, and learned a Tibetan dance and a song that the 13th Dalai Lama composed. We went to Bir village – 6700 Tibetans, no physician/doctor in the primary health center. – Aodeng
– Awesome – met the HH Dalai Lama Whaaaat!!!!! – Sara 
– Great. We stayed with Tibetan families and had a lot of fun. -Amnita 
– It was like a John Legend song. Snow and chill. – Urja
– Really good. We met HH the Dalai Lama – can’t get any better. – Khushi 
– I went to Buradsaur, we were the 2nd group in WS history to make it to the lake and in record time with the most amount of people. – Karma
– It was alright. Did a lot of hands down work with campaigning throughout a whole village. Got to feel, experience Tibetan culture, learn about their history. Dam

Haiku while Hiking


Anjali Sharma, ESL teacher (Middle Years) led the 7th Grade hike that inspired these nature-inspired verses.

Eagles fly in the sky
Hunting for food
They cannot find food

Cloud like cotton candy
Move very slowly
Smokey whiteness in the sky

Shade made by the tree
It protects us from the sun
People come to me


Nature and Humans
They are best friends forever
Living together

I can see mountains
I can see lots of white clouds
Beautiful nature


Chirping and charming,

Independently flying,

All day in nature.


Much higher than us,

Black when happy, sad when happy,

Moving all around.



Slithering through the grass

Trying to find its dinner

Sees its prey.  Attacks.


Climbing up high trees

Jumping all through the forest

Swinging with my hands.



Stand strong on the ground

Despite the uneasy storm

Green hands shake along


Singing to the east

Chirping the tune gleefully

Greet the morning sun



They are really strong

Hiding in a secret place

Very, very fast


Blow, blow, blow, blow, blow

Trees are getting bent, bent, bent

Making swirling noise



Hopping over crops

Scavengers of the farmlands

Jumping all around


The sweet aroma

Violet, orange, red and pink

Invite butterflies


As tall as a tree

Talents shining like the stars

Caps and raps galore


Jiggy the piggy

She likes to chill with wiggy

And rap like Iggy


So fluffy and soft

As fair as snow in winter

That’s the end of it



Standing tall and still,

Leafy branches swinging high,

Trees whispering close.


Up high in the sky,

Flying slowly up above,

Chirping all the way.



Nature is calling

The tree is growing from seed

I grow in nature


People like nature

But some of them kill nature

We should grow it back



Raining really hard,

Pitter patter, rain won’t stop,

Trees, leaves, all so wet

Extreme, burning heat,

Sweat trickling down my neck,

Unbearable thirst



Lots of swishing trees,

As quiet as a leopard,

But ever stone faced.


Crowing through the dawn,

But servers another purpose,

To sustain humans.


Strong as a wild boar,

As long as a king cobra,

And sturdy as steel.



Together in trees

Picking wasted fruit to eat

Yapping carelessly


Crouching low to watch

It’s beady eyes scanning things

Catches movement, leaps


The rustle of bugs

Under the ground, alerts me

They, careful but quick


Flutter everywhere

Spread their pretty wings and fly

Around me they smile



Dark black and in haste

With sickening sounds they fly

But they are pretty


Fresh or dry, they bloom

They lighten up days with joy

They give life and fun

-Aadya Goel


Crawling through the grass

Seeing greenery around

Stalk the desired


Swinging through forests

Breaking branches off the trees

Giving people hate



Lurking through the grass

Hissing sizzling scarily

Looking for its prey


Chirping singing loud

See’s a predator keeps quiet

And goes on singing



Whistling breezy call

Goosebumps creep along my skin

Trees dance to its song


Sunlight floods the eyes

Peeks out through the hills above

Creates a warm glow



The wind blows harshly

On the wind goes all the way

Faster and slower it blows


Big, fluffy and white

It is floating in the sky

They vary in size



Hissing, sizzling freaky

In the ground it creeps



Peeping through the dark

Camouflaged in the dense trees

Sawing fills the air


White, fluffed, and floating

Moving swiftly through the sky

Bringing the darkness



Roars are everywhere

Patiently waiting for me

It calls for a mate


Moving very slow

It slides towards the big tree

Trying to eat leaves



Trees on the mountain,

Whistling when the wind blows fast,

Bending to the ground.


The weather is good,

The clouds are coming and going,

The sun is wide bright.



Hills, scary heights

Shady trees in the wild

Scorching sun shining


Fresh, sweet, breezy

Hills, staring at scenery

Beautiful nature



The trees are shaking

The wind is blowing

the breeze is freezing


Kids are still awake

Sleeping bags are really cold

Tent’s going to fly


Monkeys are fighting

Birds are trying to find food

Dogs are running there



Searching for the prey,

Awake when everyone sleeps

Hooting all night long


Working hard all day

Caring for the food the most

No fear in winter



Up high in the sky

Soaring into the air high

The eagle staring


Light green grass and rocks

The mountains are covered up

A blanket of colours


Stalking my wild prey

My watery tongue drooling

Jumping at his feet



Fluffy, duffy and white,

up in the shining skies,

blocking of bright light.


The top of the leaf,

they rise and stand beside me,

in the morning clean.


No need of make-up,

natural beauty that flashes,

animals they fly high



On the mountain top,

Feeling fresh air with green trees,

Watching the birds tweet


Rain comes with thunder,

Hide under the trees from rain,

Sun come back again



The sky is waving,

Trees are silent all over,

This is a life of leisure.


As the dawn breaks out,

The birds rise high in the sky,

But this is the start.



Puzzling nature

Whispering the grasshoppers

Ants are hustling


Keep calm, my greeny

Wave your hands toward the sun

And be full and have rest.


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