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Merryn Glover ’87

27 Sep Merryn Glover ’87

Alumna Merryn Glover ’87 and her family visited old friends at Woodstock last week, and held workshops for staff and students on the art of short story writing. Merryn introduced her husband Alistair and her sons Sam and Luke to Woodstock, with her as part of a five-month family world discovery tour. You can follow their journey on their blog. If you are planning a visit to Woodstock, we warmly invite you share your gifts and stories with our students.

It is not too late to come to celebrate 100 years of WOSA
See Brij Lal and Tom Alter reliving their cricket days with a Sunday afternoon cricket match at Hanson Field. Class gatherings include 1951,71,81,91 and 2001. Ajit Singh, former Woodstock Indian music teacher will be here to perform. If you can’t make it up the hill, why not join us for dinner on October 19 in Delhi. Interested? Email us at alumni@woodstock.ac.in.

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