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Mish-Kid Mosaic

15 Nov Mish-Kid Mosaic

Amazon describes Philip Schoonmaker’s (’66) new book, Mish-Kid Mosaic (True tales of India) as ‘a compilation of fascinating short stories and brief flashbacks from the life and thoughts of an American missionary kid who grew up in India……the author does not want to tell you stories from his growing up years-he wants you to know how these experiences influenced him for life’. Phil was born in India and after spending the first school year in Darjeeling, he and his family transferred to Woodstock. Phil graduated from Woodstock in 1966 and went to live and work in America. Amazon, in singing the book’s praises, says: ‘There’s something for most everyone-lovers, hunters, kids, theologians, cultural anthropologists, students, educators, sociologists, farmers, botanists, pianists and anyone killing time’. We love the book and we are sure you will too.’
We’re happy to mention books by alumni which have a focus on Woodstock. Please contact us at communications@woodstock.ac.in.

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