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Mountain guides with a difference

01 Jun Mountain guides with a difference

Adventure tourism has undergone a metamorphosis globally – not just in terms of the range of activities but also in its extent of providing tourism, education and character building.  The opportunity which has hence emerged has benefited the sector significantly. However, it has also added greater responsibility to the facilitators – especially when adventure tourism and natural environments have to co-exist together. While the pace of growth, service and responsibility has kept pace in many parts of the world, some places such as India still lack in many aspects.

The Himalaya form one of the best environments for adventure tourism in all its forms – and demand has grown exponentially over the last two decades. Surely, this calls for adventure tourism operators to have trained and responsible ground staff who, in addition to technical skills show a deeper understanding of their environment, the safety of tourists and responsibility towards the fragile ecology in which they operate.

The Hanifl Centre for Outdoor Education and Environment Study recognises the need to train ground staff to achieve the above objectives. We have designed a subsidized 14 day programme which covers a host of areas from ropes and knots, basic wilderness first aid to minimal environmental impact techniques and knowledge of local flora and fauna.  We believe that this will not only bring more tourists but also create adventure tourism which is sustainable.

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