Woodstock | New Video for Woodstock School
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New Video for Woodstock School

11 Oct New Video for Woodstock School

Woodstock School: Education for a World of Difference from Mussoorie Writers on Vimeo.


As you prepare for a gathering of Woodstock alumni and friends in North America on World Wide Woodstock Day on Saturday, Oct. 19th, or at any other time,  I hope you will share this recent Woodstock video.   It is a must see!

Please do take the six minutes it takes to view it and share it with others as it gives you a real sense of the educational philosophy underpining all that is happening at Woodstock today. 

In sending us the video, Dr. Jonathan Long wrote,

“For the past couple of weeks, Steve Alter has been working with a film crew to produce a documentary on the writers of Mussoorie.  A few days ago, Steve brought the film crew to Woodstock for a couple of hours to see if they could capture the essence of Woodstock’s educational philosophy in a 6-minute film!  This is what they came up with after a morning’s work”

You can also find another video with a message from Dr. Long and a slide show here: http://youtu.be/K2ofza36rws

To learn more about a WWD Celebration near you click here.  

And don’t forget to let us know how your WWW Day goes!

Warm regards,

Jane Cummings (Executive Director, Friends of Woodstock School)

and  Marcus Shaw (Head of Alumni & Advancement, Woodstock School)

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