Woodstock | From the Principal: Oh, do They Not Connect?
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From the Principal: Oh, do They Not Connect?

31 Aug From the Principal: Oh, do They Not Connect?

Oh, do They Not Connect?

The story is told of an Oxford Professor of Divinity at the end of the 19th century who was fixing a problem with his bicycle at the side of the road.  His approach was somewhat distinctive: the front tyre was flat and he was furiously pumping air into the back tyre!  A passer-by who asked him why he was doing this received the unforgettable reply:  “Oh, do they not connect?”

We ignore connections in life and ‘inter-connectedness’ to our peril.  Nevertheless, this unfortunate man was expecting rather more than he should have!

We are pumping air furiously into the Woodstock back tyre at the moment.  A great deal of time and effort is being spent developing curriculum maps, reviewing various aspects of school life and refining the 2020 Vision.  Looking at the front tyre of practice I sometimes ask myself, “Should they not connect?”  Of course, the answer is ‘yes’ – the reality, though, is ‘not yet.’

I believe that the right connections are shaping up to link the back tyre of principle to the front tyre of practice.  Actually, I am convinced that the front tyre of practice should only be inflated by the back tyre of principle!  However, there is no way to instantly pressurise the inner tube without the risk of bursting the rubber.  Our emphasis must be on the steady and relentless application of our principles to the nitty-gritty of everyday life and decision making.  In the course of this academic year I hope we will pump enough air into both tyres to get us well on the road towards the 2020 Vision.  The greater challenge is to get us up to speed!

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