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Our Young Inventors

23 Apr Our Young Inventors

When you’re in a school where ECP kids have keyboard skills and KG their own login it’s not surprising to see 5th Graders built robots.

Well, you have to hand it to these enthusiastic bunch of 10, all part of the Robotics Junior Club, for meticulously assembling the Mindstorms Lego Kit from scratch, using the Nxt software to programme the robot and  for working together in 3 teams with mixed grades; which can be quite daunting by itself. Their guide and mentor, Rajneesh Daniel (Technology Teacher) is all praise for his students who are now planning ahead for their next venture – a human-like robot. He gives credit to Mike Peasavento, Bethany Okie, Brijesh Tyagi and Rachel Dunn  for making this venture possible. Listen to 2 of our confident young techies tell us the complete story behind their creation. http://bit.ly/YoungInventors

Robotics Jr  Club

Robotics Jr Club









1. Joel Crider
2. Vikentiy Pashuk
3. Paul Oscar Hanifl
4. Meher John
5. Aaryan Singhal
6. Rak Ogan
7. Sunggon Cho
8. Joshua Francis
9. Rohan Mathias
10. Sukhmanpreet Bhatia
11. Enoch Daniel (observer)
12. Mahin Puri (observer)


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