Woodstock | Outdoor education day
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Outdoor education day

26 May Outdoor education day

February 29 saw senior school embark on an amazing array of Outdoor Education field trips.

On a picture perfect spring day in our spectacular Himalayan environment, classrooms were exchanged for the day for outdoor education with a purpose. Grades ten to twelve signed up for Literary Walks through Camel Back Cemetery, Creative Writing hikes from Fairy Glen to the cemetery and even a Silent Nature Contemplation walk to Pepper Pot Caves.

If Literary pursuits were not your thing there were always Environmental Clean-Up walks, Wildlife Forensics field trips, an Art walk to Benog Tibba or if you wanted to push yourself to the limit you could always try the Adventure and Physical Challenge Hike with other super fit souls. Along with Math walks and Chemistry field trips was an interesting Psychology Field trip to Arunima, A special project for Autism, which saw groups of students working through the education programme with special needs children at the Centre.

Grade nine discovered local places of worship on the Religious Education Hike, with Grade 8 visiting Suakholi on a local ecology field trip and Grade seven experienced a Social Studies field trip to Sainji Village.

On days like this we are reminded how lucky we are to study outside the classroom walls with innovative and thoughtful programmes such as these. Watch out for a full round up of Outdoor Education Day in the next edition of Brown and Gold coming to you mid-year.

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