Woodstock | Palma Non Sine Pulvere: No Victory Without the Dust of Struggle
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Palma Non Sine Pulvere: No Victory Without the Dust of Struggle

21 Mar Palma Non Sine Pulvere: No Victory Without the Dust of Struggle

 Woodstock VS. IMA

Woodstock VS. IMA

Woodstock VS. IMA

“I.M.A. got lucky. The game was ours for the taking! If you thought we played well right now, think again. We are just getting started.” Coming off a team-high 17 points for the Woodstock Tigers, Saharsha Singh definitely had some strong views on Woodstock’s basketball game against the Indian Military Academy (Dehra Dun) on Wednesday.

This game against IMA was Woodstock’s first home game of the season. Having lost to them earlier in the season, the Tigers were ready to redeem themselves in this rematch. The entire school was expecting a game that would go down to the final seconds, and this was definitely the case. From Kushal Mittal’s opening basket to Saharsha Singh’s three pointer that turned out to be the final points, the game had caused an increase in the average blood pressure of every member of the audience. In fact, the biggest lead of the game had been only a mere six points.

Playing against fully grown men that were previously state champions, Woodstock definitely put up a tough fight; losing by only three points in overtime. There is a huge possibility though, that the game would have ended differently if two starters had not been injured in crucial stages of the game. Kyung Ho Jung went down in the 4th quarter with four minutes remaining as the game was tied; and Mathai Puthiakunnel experienced his injury with two minutes remaining in overtime. Even Coach Jeffrey Doerfler was proud of his team as he stated “I am very happy of how hard we played and how well we executed our game plan.”

Looking to the games in the season yet to come, and to Win Mumby, starting center Kyung Ho Jung had some thoughts, “We haven’t reached our full potential yet, Win Mumby is ours.” While this is a matter that can only be proved with time, looking at the recent performance of the Tigers, I personally believe Jung’s thoughts have a strong possibility of coming to fruition.

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