Woodstock | Power Women: two alumnae in the news
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Power Women: two alumnae in the news

02 Nov Power Women: two alumnae in the news

Power Women: two alumnae in the news
Dr Shobha Arole ’78 and Shama Zaidi ’56 have featured in the Hindustan Times. In an article on The Power Women, Dr Arole and Shama Zaidi both refer to their education at Woodstock. Shama says “Theatre happened to me from the time I was a child. My mother ran a theatre group and the boarding school I went to, Woodstock in Mussoorie, encouraged us to write short plays and act in them”. Shama has since gone on to write the scripts for some of the famous Hindi films. Dr Arole began taking small groups and hiking into the mountains, undertaking medical missions. In an article entitled ‘Her touch heals’, early beginnings have led to whole villages becoming self-reliant. Read about these two amazing woman, click here here to read Dr Arole’s story. click here to read Shama Saidi’s story

WWD celebrations around the world
Find out more about our global community and how they celebrated WWD. Over thirty groups gathered to celebrate a meal together and dozens of others chose to remember their Woodstock days by watching Bollywood movies, eating curries, wearing Merlins tee shirts and even more creative ideas. Find out more.

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