Woodstock | Pushing Pedals For A Project In Spiti
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Pushing Pedals For A Project In Spiti

10 Oct Pushing Pedals For A Project In Spiti

This activity week some 12th Graders are combining their cycling trip with a fundraising project thanks to the initiative of their class mate Kheytsun. She tells us more about their plans here.

“Our Activity Week group, led by Mr Yousuf and Mrs Kaplan, will be cycling from Kaza to Manali. In addition to the “Self-Propelled Journey” tag, I wanted to propose something that would help a community so I suggested a fundraiser. As a group, we decided to raise funds for The Spiti Projects (spiti.org), an organization that works for the welfare of the people of Spiti.

blog_spiti2Not pictured: Kabeer Arjun, Kyungho Jung, Sumair Sapam, Tenzin Lungrig.

We would like to donate funds specifically for a dental clinic in the Kaza Community Center (Currently under construction ) which will also house an eye clinic, meeting hall, library and cultural center, since the people at Kaza do not have basic health care facilities. Right now, they have to travel to the hospital at Kaza for such requirements but because of the distance, their dental problems get waived off.

We will be uploading videos onto a blog before leaving for Activity
Week where we will explain our project to those who follow it: www.bikeforkaza.weebly.com This blog will be updated with picture from the trip later.

You can donate  here .
By the end of the semester, the funds will be transferred to The Spiti Project’s account.
The dental clinic will be functioning from June 2015 onward, but we will be posting updates on the construction of the Kaza Community Center.

-Kheytsun R, Grade 12


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