Woodstock | Quadrangle: Alumni Unearth Amazing Archive Artifacts
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Quadrangle: Alumni Unearth Amazing Archive Artifacts

23 Jan Quadrangle: Alumni Unearth Amazing Archive Artifacts

archive drawing

Archive drawing of Woodstock

A group of hardworking alumni unearthed some amazing artifacts in the school’s archive as they sorted through piles of disordered documents.

Margo Warner Curl ’67, Lauranne Barnard Cebulak ’67, Cate Whitcomb ’66, Sue Swanson ’67, Max Marble ’67, and professional archivist Lori Osborne spent several weeks in October and November sorting through the archive, which was established in 1997 by a donation from the Class of ’42.

During their cataloguing they came across some interesting historic artifacts from the school’s past.

Archive minutes

Firstly, they found the minutes of a meeting in 1852 of the Protestant Association of Landour, which raise the question of starting a Protestant school for girls in Mussoorie. This school of course was the predecessor to Woodstock.

They also came across a drawing from the 1870s of the Woodstock estate, which was featured in the Woman’s Work for Woman magazine, a Presbyterian missionary publication. This could be one of the earliest remaining depictions of the school.

The group, which included two former librarians (Margo and Sue), an expert in educational administration (Cate) and the archivist of the city of Evanston, Illinois (Lori), made significant progress in re-ordering the archive which had become something of a “dumping ground” in years gone by.

Margo said: “Working as a team really helped get a lot more done than we would have individually. We also had a great combination of expertise which helped. The archive is in a much better state than when we arrived, but there’s still some way to go.”

The whole Woodstock community is grateful for the hard work and time the group has given to the school to improve the archive.

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