Spring Semester 2021 Timetable
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Spring Semester 2021 Timetable

We have revised the timetable for the Spring Semester 2021. Please see the new timetable below.


The main changes from the Fall Semester 2020 timetable are that lessons will now be 40 minutes each rather than 25 minutes. The number of lessons will remain the same, so they will continue to 3:00pm IST, rather than 1:00pm IST at present. The school day will continue until 5:00pm, with these last two hours reserved for activities such as PASSAGE, Extended Time Assessments, Community Events and so on.


This change has been made following feedback from parents, students and teachers. The revised timetable of 40-minute classes will allow for a smooth transition to a blended learning programme, as students in classrooms on the Woodstock campus join together with students who remain at home and participate in the same lessons virtually.  All students at Woodstock, both in person and at home, will follow the same timetable.