Woodstock | Summer at Woodstock – Application
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Summer at Woodstock – Application

Please complete the below form to apply for Summer at Woodstock 2019.The application includes basic information about the student’s parents or guardians, and about the student themselves – including their learning requirements, medical history and how they intend to travel to Woodstock. Note that you cannot save the form before it is submitted, so please review the form and ensure you have all information to hand before you start completing it. If you have any questions, please email summer@woodstock.ac.in.

Summer at Woodstock Application Form

Programme details

Which programme are you applying for? (required)

Student Information

Is the applicant a current Woodstock School student?

If the applicant currently attends Woodstock, please continue directly to the Travel Arrangements section.

If you are applying for more than one student, for the second and subsequent applicants please complete only their details, your email, and any details which differ from the first applicant, leaving the other fields blank.

Non-Woodstock students

Student's sex

Is the applicant the child of a Woodstock Alumni?


Has your child ever been away from home before?

Parent/Guardian's details

Parent/Guardian one

Parent/Guardian two

Please only complete any information which differs from the first parent or guardian's details.

Please indicate who the student lives with
Both parentsFatherMotherGuardian

Learning Profile

Are you aware if child has any special learning assistance needs?

Student Medical History


Is the student allergic to any drugs?

Is the student allergic to any foods?

Does the student have a peanut allergy?

Does the student have any other allergies?

Known Medical Conditions

Does your child suffer from any medical conditions for which he/she requires medication to control symptoms? For example asthma, skin conditions, etc.

Woodstock is situated on a hillside in the Himalayan foothills. Does your child suffer from any physical or medical conditions which could limit their access to our campus?

Travel Arrangements

Will a parent or guardian be accompanying the student to Woodstock School?

In no, please state your preferred travel arrangements:

Visa requirements

Participants who are not Indian, Bhutanese, or Nepali nationals require a student visa, issued by the local Indian Consulate General or its associated visa agency. The school is happy to support this application process through providing a letter and a copy of the school’s registration. A scanned copy of the participant’s passport is required by Woodstock in order to issue these documents. Please do not hesitate to email summer@woodstock.ac.in for support in applying for visas.

Will the applicant need a visa to study in India?

If yes, please ensure that you have the required documents before submitting a visa application. Find out more in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Next steps


Once you’ve completed and submitted your application form, please check you have received an email from us. The next steps are as follows:



Step Three – Deposit


We require an INR 20,000 deposit to reserve a spot on any course. Payments can be made through Woodstock’s online Payment Portal.

Step Four – Full Fee Payment

The fee for Summer at Woodstock 2019 is INR 1,25,000. An additional 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) would be applicable on this amount. The total amount payable is INR 1,47,500. Following the deposit, the remaining amount of INR 1,27,500 is due by May 1, 2019.