Woodstock | Summer at Woodstock – College Applications
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Summer at Woodstock – College Applications

Summer at Woodstock 2020 is now underway, but we’re delighted to announce another chance to join our online English Masterclass from 22 June – 3 July 2020. The masterclass is a great way for students of all ages and levels to stretch their academic English skills. Click here to find out more about the English Masterclass.

Develop Your Best College Application

The purpose of the college application essay is twofold: for students, it’s to present the best version of who they are and convince the reader that they will be successful in college; for the university, it’s to build a dynamic class and differentiate students from others with similar grades and exam scores. How can you do all this in 600 words? It’s not easy, but you have a unique story to tell – everyone does. This course will help you find and reveal that story. With brainstorming sessions, models of successful essays, individual feedback, group sharing, and editing exercises, you will leave the summer programme with an essay (or two!) that you will proudly include in your college applications. 


Who should take this course?

This course is for anyone who wants a little help and guidance to ensure that they can write the best possible college application – whether that’s for the next academic year or a little further in the future. Learn to tell your story in a way that’s authentic, honest and will stand out from the crowd.


What skills and knowledge will participants gain through this course?

Learn what colleges and universities are looking for from candidates and how to emphasise your own unique qualities and experience. Gain skills in storytelling, editing and collaborative working, and leave with your best possible college application essay.

1-13 June

Age Range: 14-18


Andrew Plonka, Head of English, Woodstock School

With an 18-year career in international schools in Mexico, India, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the USA, and as a former journalist, Andrew Plonka brings considerable experience and expertise to this role. From 2008 to 2012, he taught English at Woodstock and was also Head of Senior School for a time. He returned to Woodstock in 2016 and became Head of English in 2017.


In the past two years, students working with Mr. Plonka have been accepted to Harvard, Stanford, Dartmouth, Brown, Babson, UCLA, UPenn, and University of Chicago, among many other American universities.