Summer at Woodstock – Creative Writing
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Summer at Woodstock – Creative Writing

Learn the art of writing a short story

In this course, participants will learn the basics of writing a work of fiction. We will discuss all aspects of crafting a compelling narrative from inspiration to character development to editing your first draft. Participants will have the opportunity to receive detailed feedback on a series of small writing assignments and develop a sense of their unique narrative voice.


At the end of the course, participants will have completed a draft of a short story. They will leave with an understanding of the building blocks of a story including plot, character, setting, and style.


What skills and knowledge will participants gain through this course?

Participants will add a spectrum of skills to their writing toolbox, such as: writing a gripping first line; inventing captivating characters; world-building; how to write a plot outline. These narrative techniques will equip students to write imaginatively and express themselves with clarity and style.


Participants will share their work with each other and become more perceptive readers through understanding the craft of fiction and participating in peer review.


Who should take this course?

Anyone who loves being creative and wants to explore fiction-writing in a supportive environment.

Anyone who wants to enhance their skills as a reader and writer.


Highlights and Learning 

  • Finding inspiration in the outside world
  • Writing a plot outline
  • Creating and revealing character
  • The importance of setting
  • How to read like a writer
  • Sentence and paragraph structure
  • In-class writing experiments
  • Detailed individual feedback

Age range – 10-18

Distance Learning Sessions

Distance Learning Session 1 – April 12 and May 21, 2021

Distance Learning Session 2 – June 22 and August 3, 2021

Fee for one distance learning course: INR 40,000 (inclusive of GST)
Fee for two distance learning courses: INR 70,000 (inclusive of GST)


Virtual Summer Camp

Two week intensive distance learning session – June 7 to June 18, 2021

Fee for on intensive two-week session: INR 80,000 (inclusive of GST)


Anushka Jasraj

Anushka is an award-winning fiction writer based in Mumbai. She holds a BFA in Film Production from NYU, and an MFA in Creative Writing from the New Writers Project at the University of Texas at Austin, where she also received a degree in Gender Studies. She was a 2015-16 fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and was a regional winner of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize for Asia in both 2012 and 2017. Her first book, Principles of Prediction, was published by Westland in 2020.


As an educator, she has previously taught introductory workshops in fiction as well as non-fiction. She has been an Assistant Instructor in the Dept. of Rhetoric & Writing at the University of Texas-Austin where she taught undergraduate-level writing. She loves working with young people on their projects from ideation to revision.