Summer at Woodstock – Design For Impact
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Summer at Woodstock – Design For Impact

A summer bootcamp for Impact-driven Leaders of Tomorrow

As the world continues to reel under the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, questions of access, equality and human development have become more relevant than ever. We need young leaders who can think creatively and build solutions that impact millions of lives and help transform the world. This Summer, Woodstock presents to you a bootcamp adapted to the new normal and delivered online; specifically designed for students to build their creative confidence and lead the world towards change.


We believe that every student needs to be aware of the challenges that face the world today and feel empowered to find sustainable solutions for them. The future is uncertain, and as responsible and informed citizens of the global community, our students must feel equipped to face the complexities with a curious, compassionate and conscious mindset.


Design for Impact is a purpose-driven experiential bootcamp in which students work on some of the biggest issues facing our world today. We believe that our students need to develop a sense of purpose and meaning in what they do to become leaders of change. Using Design Thinking and Innovation tools, students work on local challenges that are connected with Sustainable Development goals to create impactful solutions. Design Thinking makes it possible to overcome traditional thinking, learning and working models to creatively solve complex problems.


Through the online bootcamp, students will understand, synthesize and solve the challenge at hand by creating real-world, testable solutions. The camp will be a combination of experiential hands-on learning, interviews with real-life stakeholders, guest lectures and creativity- building exercises, and will bring out the qualities of initiative, persistence, adaptability and leadership in the participants.


We believe that everyone has the ability to create change. This summer, here is a chance to open our minds and solve critical problems that matter today.


Who should take this course?

The bootcamp has been designed for students in the 14-18 years age group who are passionate about finding answers to burning questions of our times and are excited to decode complex problems. Students should be open to experimenting with new tools and techniques, and working in teams.

Age range – 12-18

Distance Learning Sessions

Distance Learning Session 2 – June 22 to August 3, 2021

Fee for one distance learning course: INR 40,000 (inclusive of GST)
Fee for two distance learning courses: INR 70,000 (inclusive of GST)
There is no application fee for the distance learning sessions.


Mahak Chhajer, Co-founder & Partner – The d-Van

Mahak has an Advanced training in Design Thinking from the DSchool, HPI, and an academic background in Economics. Her work focuses on building a future ready, agile mindset in students, institutions and organisations through quick interventions and new models of education. She believes that the future of education is to support lifelong learning that can adapt itself to the changing realities thereby leading to holistic and positive growth for people and organisations. A theatre enthusiast you can find her trying her acting skills every once in a while, with theatre performances.


  • Social and cultural awareness of real-world problems and an opportunity to create meaningful solutions
  • Learn Design Thinking and other innovation tools that are regarded as valuable skills in college and work environment
  • Test themselves in and further build critical 21st century skills – complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication and emotional intelligence
  • Gain an understanding of the UN Sustainable Development goals (SDG)
  • Gain tangible skills that can strengthen your profile – storytelling, coding, business communication, prototyping and more
  • Ability to translate abstract ideas into actual, usable solutions
  • A certificate of excellence in Design Thinking and Innovation from Woodstock School