Woodstock | Summer at Woodstock – Entrepreneurship
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Summer at Woodstock – Entrepreneurship

Learn how to build a business case

This will be a Social Entrepreneurship incubator that covers current Industry-leading thinking in entrepreneurship including MVP’s (minimum viable products), Lean startups and Design Thinking. Students will learn how to innovate and test their ideas each morning, then spend the afternoons and evenings working in teams on their own startup project. The course culminates in a pitch day, when each team pitches their concept to a panel of funders who have the opportunity to provide seed funding for startups they see potential in.


What should participants expect?

This will be a fast-paced and immersive experience. We’ll touch on the major processes and approaches that startups use to achieve success. Come with your own entrepreneurial ideas, or join a group with an idea you love.


What will participants come away with at the end?

You will walk away with a founding team, a business plan and an MVP that you can develop into a real startup – you might walk away with seed money and an advisory board.

Age Range: 14-18 years

 Course Timings: 50 hours of instruction


Gomolemo Segabutle, Founder and Product Designer, TakeOn Design

Gomolemo is a Product designer by trade who recently founded TakeOn Design, a digital product design focused consultancy and co-founded an NPO (WHI) with the focus of catalyzing innovation in the Healthcare sector to take on the most urgent problems plaguing South Africa and Africa at large. He has experiences ranging from tutoring, coaching, starting up businesses, management and being involved in projects that are out to impact society in a positive way. He holds an Undergrad in Financial Management Sciences (University of Pretoria) and a Diploma in UX design from General Assembly in San Francisco.

Priya Rollins, Dorm Supervisor, Woodstock School

Priya has worked with many well known social entrepreneurs throughout the country since obtaining her MSc in Project Management and Development from the University of East London in 2014. She played a leading role in the development and facilitation of Woodstock’s very first Social Entrepreneurship summer school programme in 2017.