Woodstock | Summer at Woodstock – Physical Training
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Summer at Woodstock – Physical Training

Athlete’s Essential Eleven Programme

In this modern age of competitive sports, knowing only your specific sports skills is not going to make you a top athlete! Top athletes understand, in order to be successful, they need to approach sports holistically! The AEE Program teaches athletes how to grow in the eleven necessary sports skills: cardiovascular and muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, body composition, speed, agility, power, balance, reaction time and coordination! Throughout this course athletes will be physically engaged and learning by doing! There will be some in-class lectures but majority will be kinesthetic, hands/feet on learning! Come and push yourself to brand new limits!


Who should take this course?

This course is aimed at any athlete willing to develop their complete body and mind! Athletes looking to work on sport specific skills (passing, shooting, etc.) shouldn’t join this programme as there will be no sport specific skills taught.


How will participants be different when they’ve completed this course? What skills or knowledge will they have gained?

In completion of this course, athletes will be able to develop their own fitness plan, which includes all essential eleven components, and know an abundance of drills and exercises to use throughout the season. Nutrition, goal setting and developing internally (mind/spirit) will be a key aspect of this course as well. Hopefully they will find an entire new level of confidence in their physical and mental abilities!


Why is your experience so relevant for this course?

I’ve been teaching Physical Education and Sports Science for the past 10 years at Woodstock. As Head of Physical Education and Sr. and Inter Girls Basketball Coach, I teach these principles to different ability levels on a daily basis.

Age Range: 14-18

 Course Timings: 50 hours of instruction


Steve Luukkonen, Head of Physical Education at Woodstock

Steve has taught physical education and sports science at Woodstock for ten years. He is a keen marathon and ultra-marathon runner and for many years he organised the Mussoorie Half Marathon.