Summer at Woodstock – Robotics
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Summer at Woodstock – Robotics

Program, Build and Test Robots

In the Robotics Course, students are offered a comprehensive understanding of robotics and automation on a virtual simulation software. Students learn complex programming, how to make the mechanism & chassis of the robot, use and understand the working of sensors like ultrasonic sensors, gyro sensors, colour sensors, touch sensors, and more.


Who should take this course?

Anyone interested in getting a powerful insight to programming – as robotics is simple to comprehend & anyone who wants to enhance problem-solving skills.


Highlights & Learning

This course will be delivered through the Lego Robotics Virtual Toolkit platform for instruction. The simulation software enables students to learn and practice building a robot, programming it, and testing it – without the need of physical robotics kits. Some of the sessions also utilise past WRO (World Robot Olympiad) challenges to be solved, this will help students prepare and participate as teams when WRO resumes. Experienced Curiosity Gym mentors will guide students to use this platform and its various modules for design and programming of robots.


Key Learning

Week 1

  • Introduction: Difference between machine & robot. What is programming & how-to code using EV3 software
  • EV3 Rover: Coding to a given task
  • Door alarm & hand generator car: Learning about motors, ultrasonics sensors & their application
  • Blind maze: Ultrasonic sensor programming
  • Bomb detecting rover: Learning about colour sensor & its programming


Week 2

  • Line stopping & single line following rover: What is light, property of light & how light sensors work
  • Sumo fight bot: Design & programming challenge to keep the Sumo Bot inside the circle
  • Remote control rover: Using touch sensors, its application & programming
  • Parking lot & area volume calculation: Learning about different types of variables, using variables to do a mathematical operation; Bluetooth Rover: Using 2 EV3’s for transferring data
  • Creative design & competition: Build & code to compete in a challenge.

Age range – 10-18

Virtual Summer Camp

Two week intensive distance learning session – June 7 to June 18, 2021

Fee for on intensive two-week session: INR 80,000 (inclusive of GST)


Curiosity Gym

Curiosity Gym is a leading Edtech company with the focus on igniting curiosity and innovation in young minds. Curiosity Gym has been instrumental in setting up Tinkering Labs  and Innovation Hubs in leading schools across India, and has provided the infrastructure including equipment, consumables, curriculum and staff. 21st Century learning skills like Curiosity, Creativity, Innovation, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) making, Design Thinking and Project making skills inculcate scientific thinking and entrepreneurship among children and youth. The programmes run by Curiosity Gym provides a hands-on learning environment and mentors with technical and scientific know-how, to guide and encourage students to develop confidence in thinking through challenges, designing solutions and their articulation to others.Curiosity Gym has mentored students on projects that have helped them gain admissions to top  Ivy league and other colleges in the US and UK. Curiosity Gym also runs workshops and online courses on various topics ranging from STEM, coding, data visualization, AI, bioinformatics, robotics and making smart gadgets. The team at Curiosity Gym is a mix of qualified engineers, physicists, fabricators, Fab Lab graduates and artists who have a mission to catalyse curiosity and innovativeness. The mentors are experienced robotics & science educators  with a demonstrated history of working in the K-12 education industry and helping students implement their own projects right from the ideation phase to the prototyping phase.