Woodstock | Summer at Woodstock – Spanish
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Summer at Woodstock – Spanish

Learn Spanish at Woodstock

Take this unique opportunity to learn Spanish in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Indian Himalayas, Summer at Woodstock’s Spanish Language Acquisition course!


What should we expect in the programme?

The Spanish Language Acquisition course comprises both morning and afternoon sessions, offering an immersive experience not often found outside Spanish speaking societies. It is an intensive programme for students who want to take their first steps in, or build on their existing experience of, Spanish as a foreign language. Students will be immersed in Spanish language and culture each morning and afternoon, giving them really quality time during which they can get practical experience in a supportive environment. This immersive experience will give students 50 hours of language acquisition — equal to more than a full year in many schools.

Age Range: 10-18

Course Timings: 75 hours of instruction


Details coming soon.