Support Woodstock School
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Support Woodstock School

You Can Make a Difference

Woodstock School was founded in 1854 with a strong mission, vision and sense of community that remains even today. As a non-profit institution, financial support is crucial to delivering the kind of outstanding education that our community values.  Gifts to Woodstock School help provide the school with the additional resources required beyond tuition which enables us to ensure sustainability of our programme over the long-term.


Woodstock offers different ways to get involved. No matter how you choose to support the school; through annual giving, student scholarships, funding new initiatives, or leaving a legacy, your generosity will make a big difference. Consider giving today by making Woodstock one of your philanthropic priorities, and invest in the future of our students!

Giving Opportunities

Like many international schools around the world, Woodstock School depends on fundraising as an important part of its operating budget and to meet its long term goals. You can make your gift to Woodstock in a number of ways listed below:

Living and Learning Spaces

During the last few years, our focus has been to create the best possible teaching and learning spaces for our students. Though full of historical character, much of Woodstock’s academic campus is showing signs of age!

We have renovated six classrooms in the High School level and the Centre for Imagination will be ready and inaugurated by April 2021. In February 2021, we completed the renovation to nine classrooms in the Quad School third floor. We hope in the next year, we are able to begin work on a state-of-the-art science facility and a renovated and refurbished Parker Hall.

Your contribution to our appeal will enable us to build and remodel these learning spaces with upgraded windows, flooring, lighting, whiteboards and bulletin boards. It will allow us to improve the technological infrastructure in classrooms and to create functional and aesthetic spaces in which our students can develop their potential.

Scholarships for Peace

Our Scholarships for Peace programme gives opportunities to gifted students from fragile states and conflict-affected regions. This year it has grown significantly, with students joining us from countries including Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somaliland, Kenya, Egypt, Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories. We hope that by giving them the gift of a Woodstock School education, we can help them grow into enlightened global citizens who can work together to build healthy, sustainable societies.

Community Engagement Programme

Community engagement projects are initiated with an objective of engaging our students and staff with the world outside our school and help communities prosper and grow. These projects offer significant potential for experiential learning, deeper understanding of the lives of villagers and what it means for Woodstock Students to become agents of change. It is expected that skills, lessons and attitudes acquired from this engagement will have lifelong value for both the village and for Woodstock students and faculty. In particular constructing and starting a village primary school dovetails with the proposed teacher training effort at Woodstock.

Centre for Imagination

The Centre for Imagination (CFI) transforms the way in which a Woodstock education is experienced in the 21st century – inspiring young people to discover their grand passion in life and to explore what it means to live from a strong sense of vocation. Having completed a full renovation in the Spring 2021, thanks to generous funding from Woodstock’s alumni community, the CFI now has a world class space for inspirational learning. Donations to the CFI can support a range of programmes and initiatives, including resident scholars, internships and collaborations with progressive organisations and educational institutions from around the world. A true interdisciplinary space, whatever your passion or interest, if you have a proposal for a transformative educational programme, the CFI can help to make it a reality.

Science Fund

A fund established at the suggestion of T.Z. Chu ‘52, and funded in part by generous donations from T.Z. Chu and David Schoonmaker ‘62 to enhance Woodstock School’s ability to provide current and competitive science training to its students.

Employees' Benevolent Fund

A fund to provide Woodstock employees with small grants to cover expenses related to medical needs beyond employee coverage.

Luminescence Fund for Employees' Children’s Education

A fund to help children of employees currently employed with Woodstock School pursue further education at college and university levels (vocational courses included) but not courses that you can register for without a 10 + 12 school leaving certificate. A grant of Rs. 20,000 per calendar year is provided to meritorious students who demonstrate an annual average of 60% of total marks (or first division for the preceding year).


Founded in 2020, WOSA Asia is a dedicated organisation for Woodstock School’s alumni community in the Indian Subcontinent and across Asia. This community can be a real asset to the school, not only because of its physical proximity to the campus but also because of its formidable network and immense goodwill towards their alma mater. WOSA Asia comprises a group of enthusiastic alumni who have volunteered their time and resources towards this endeavour. They hope to be able to establish a strong foundation for WOSA Asia in order for it to contribute to and support Woodstock in many meaningful ways.

Woodstock Fund for Excellence

Donations to the Woodstock Fund for Excellence provide the school with the flexibility to address annual needs that arise to support the people and programmes that make Woodstock School distinct. Donors can make unrestricted donations that enable the school to identify and fund annual initiatives such as these, or donors can direct their contribution to a programme of their choice.

Student Scholarships

Woodstock School has a growing number of endowed, named scholarships which support particular categories of student within the school’s recruitment objectives. If you wish to consider such an investment, please email Katie Jo Walter, Director of Advancement and Alumni at to discuss.

Major Gifts

Generous alumni and community members have made major contributions to the renewal of the campus throughout Woodstock’s 167 year history. Projects that have been funded include the HS Science Wing, Midlands, Hostel, Win Mumby Gymnasium, Alter Ridge renovations and various staff and employee houses. If you want to discuss a larger individual, corporate or class gift, and where it might be used, please click here to email Katie Jo Walter, Director of Advancement and Alumni at to discuss your ideas.