Woodstock | Teacher Spotlight: Larry Kaplan
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Teacher Spotlight: Larry Kaplan

06 Apr Teacher Spotlight: Larry Kaplan

Every Friday we will be highlighting one of our truly amazing teachers. This week the spotlight falls on math teacher Larry Kaplan.

Where are you from?

Bethlehem, New Hampshire, USA. Population 2000 (approximately)

What courses do you teach?

I teach Algebra 2, Statistics and AP Statistics. I also serve as the Head of Department for Mathmatics.

How many years have you been teaching?

This is year 19 for me.

Tell us about an interaction you had with a student over the past year that made you feel fulfilled as a teacher?

One of my Algebra 2 students struggles with the math. She works really hard though, often comes in during a common study hall we have together and on the last test she got an A. This is a huge accomplishment for her. It was very gratifying.

What is something interesting happening in your classroom?

For the past several years I’ve been using a “flipped classroom”, where students do their homework during class time and learn from lectures during homework time. It allows for our time together to be much more interactive and allows me to be more responsive to individual learning needs.

What is your favorite part of teaching at Woodstock?

Both the students and adult community are great to work with. Fun, positive and exciting – we’re trying new things. I also really like the fact that we’re a residential school. I have a much stronger relationship with the students.

What makes Woodstock students unique?

They work hard and respond to deep learning. They like being asked the hard questions that don’t have an obvious answer. Well, at least most of them!


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