Woodstock | Teacher Spotlight: Trish Pearson
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Teacher Spotlight: Trish Pearson

08 May Teacher Spotlight: Trish Pearson

Every Friday we are highlighting one of our truly amazing teachers. This week the spotlight falls on the Head of Social Studies, Trish Pearson.

Where are you from?
Originally from outside of Dallas, Texas, but a long-time resident of Baltimore/DC.

What courses do you teach?
IGCSE Geography, AP Psychology, AP Human Geography and AP European History

How many years have you been teaching?
8 years

What makes you feel fulfilled as a teacher?  
In AP Psychology, students often spend time thinking about the concepts taught and how they apply to themselves.  It was an incredible experience exploring Developmental Psychology with the students. They would approach me in the quad or outside Parker Hall and share with me how the things we explore in class help them understand their own development.  After the long first semester and getting to know the students better as individuals, it has been amazing to discover how these concepts can really transform not only their individual learning experiences, but also their understanding of those around them.

It’s also terrific when a student decides to continue their academic career in the discipline!

What are you currently working on in your classroom?  
Gearing up for a post-exam project exploring Agriculture in further depth, watching a documentary called ‘King Corn’ and comparing farming practices in the US and India.

What is your favourite part of teaching at Woodstock?
Opportunities for learning outside the classroom.  I learnt so much from my Activity Week with Grade 9 in Sarab Talla (local village) and in preparing the Outdoor Learning Weekend at the Aglar River with my Geography students.

What makes Woodstock students unique?  
The combination of the cultural backgrounds of the students combined with the intensity of the residential setting. It provides opportunities for students to gain a wide variety of experiences that would be hard to find in any other place.  Our students are challenged and changed in fundamental ways through their exposure to our unique setting.


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