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The Creativity in Their Genes

18 Nov The Creativity in Their Genes

Edward de Bono once said, “Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. Sujata Archer, Science teacher seems to  have done just that when she assigned her Grade 10 Honors Biology students to make 3-D DNA models.  Some of these atypical submissions might just make you see genes in a new light.


“The DNA double helix structure contains our genetic code.  Creating a 3-D DNA model is a great way to learn about all the elements of this structure that builds our genes.  Using recycled material and other common items the students in the grade 10 honors biology created DNA models which shows their creativity and scientific understanding of the concept.  These DNA models range from jewelry to cushions. Creativity is in our DNA!”-Sujata Archer

All  lit up DNA

All lit up DNA

All lit up DNA

“This model is festive and a reminder about our genes.”

By Charis, Tshokey, Joon Kang

DNA from foil

Modern metallic DNA

DNA has strength

“This model is made from metal foil and was created to give a modern look.”

By Meghan, Noel and Joshua. 

DNA: Crowning Glory

DNA: Crowning Glory

Crowning glory in our DNA

“A model inspired by jewelry creations, because why not wear your DNA on your head!”

By Tenzin, Ameya and Ishaan.

The strong DNA

Tall and strong DNA

DNA. Tall and Strong 

“Used metal and rocks to create this model to display strength in our genes.”

By Phunsok and Yong Hoon.


Comfort of DNA

Comfort of DNA

Take comfort in our DNA

A DNA cushion. What more would one want?  Always dreaming of our genes.”

By Abigail and Healeam 

Photos and text courtesy Sujata Archer

  • Jan Ali
    Posted at 16:48h, 21 November Reply

    Super ! What creative minds are alive and studying in your class, Sujata !

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